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How to customize a WordPress interface with Microthemer


How to customize a WordPress interface with MicrothemerHave you ever wondered how much easier it is to customize your WordPress theme with CSS and see those changes quickly? Well, there's a great WordPress theme customization plugin called Microthemer that allows it!

You need to make code changes and then publish them to see how they pop out. With Microthemer, you visually edit CSS code and see changes as you make them. Needless to say, this makes the process of adding CSS to your WordPress interface much easier.

What is WordPress interface?

When someone thinks of a WordPress theme, they often think of a built-in interface, with presets, colors, styles. However, exactly what WordPress interface is.

In simple words, WordPress interface changes your website design. It also changes the layout like using sidebars, footers or headers.

In other words, it changes what website visitors see when they come to your website.

Use Microthemer to edit WordPress themes

Several good WordPress site builders are available for you to develop at the interface. However, Microthemer is a little different than that.

Microthemer is an intuitive CSS editing plugin you are allowed to see any changes you make to your website when you make them. Its intuitive interface brings CSS code to the user interface.


This means that all you have to do is move the page element around with the mouse. The cool side of Microthemer is a plugin for you to see all the CSS changes when you make them

This means you see what you are doing, what it will look like before publishing the CSS code update.

This WordPress image editor plugin will give you all the tools you need to change CSS code anywhere on your website and see changes in real time.

Let's take a quick look at how to customize WordPress themes using Microthemer.

Note: This plugin will be difficult to use for newbies or anyone unfamiliar with CSS code. However, it provides almost absolute control over your subject's appearance, which makes learning the tool worthwhile.

Install MicrothTable

To use the Microthemer WordPress theme custom plugin, you must install and activate it. You do this from the plugin repository at the control panel.


Once the plugin has been installed, activated, click Microthemer> Preferences and then consider the plugin option. If you want to change as well as adjust them to what you need, this is where you will do it.


When you reach the options page, you will see 4 tabs. They are:

  • General
  • CSS / SCSS
  • Language
  • Inactive


Click the General tab. Here you will set a few quick, general options the way you want.



Now move to the CSS / SCSS tab. These are all CSS style settings that you enter accordingly. You will also be given fonts, shadows, positions, gradients, more.



Now go to “Language” on the user and set the CSS syntax properties the way you want.



Finally, Inactive, gives you the option to delete all Microthemer data if you uninstall the plugin. You also see all plugin code from this tab.


See more: .Htaccess file in WordPress

Customize your WordPress theme with you

When you're ready to customize your WordPress theme, click Microthemer on the left menu at your WordPress admin console.

This will open your theme at the plugin and then provide you with all the tools that this specific WordPress theme plugin comes with.


In the upper left, you will see a tab that you click through to see what your website looks like on different screen sizes and devices. The tab has a title:

  • All of equipment
  • Large desktop
  • Desktop and tablet
  • Tablet and phone
  • Phone

Click through this page to see your website as you work, and then see what changes your side looks on certain different devices. Remember, it's important to make sure your website is mobile friendly.


In the upper right, you will see the menu offering many different options. How you use them all is up to you.

You will also see both “Unlock” and “Buy” buttons. This is because Microthemer has a pro version inside the plugin. You get access to all those updates with pro by clicking on that button.



The black Target button at the top left makes it easy to target specific elements and then change them. Simply click it to use it.


Once the button has been clicked, dragging your mouse around the topic and its side will automatically highlight.


Current selector

Finally, to manage the existing selection tool, click the link in the Selection menu at the top left, then a drop-down menu will appear. You will see all the current topic selection tools there, you can manage them the way you want.


Help menu tab

This is the most important tab for you at 1 time. Remember, this WordPress theme custom plugin is hard to use for beginners.

That being said, Microthemer provides quite a lot of help materials and other useful resources. You will find all of that under this menu tab.


You will find videos, tips, references, and other guides to help you as you try to customize your WordPress theme.

Advantages of using Microthemer

The biggest advantage of using this plugin to customize your WordPress theme is the amount of control you have. Instead of sifting through the lines and lines of code at your subject's style sheet, specific elements are easy to click.

This means that you directly affect the changes to the title, fonts and the way the sidebar appears all from the live preview screen without spending time going through the styleheet.css file.

Microthemer also works on all topics. This means that you make visual changes with the CSS code to whatever interface you have installed.

Next, although the plugin is a bit difficult to learn, it doesn't really need to understand everything about CSS to use it. For example, it has an intuitive color picker if you want to change the font appearance.

But, it is especially beneficial if you at least know a bit about CSS before going to Microthemer. You can easily learn the basics from websites like


When you customize your WordPress theme with CSS code, it may be difficult to get the desired results. Must be constantly back and forth between the live version, the draft version of the WordPress theme.

Although Microthemer is not good for newbies, it gives developers and others the opportunity to easily change and update CSS code quickly. I recommend you try the plugin for yourself to see how you like it.

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