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2 ways to remove "Uncategorized" category categories in WordPress

Whether you are a WordPress webmaster or just a beginner, you probably know the word Uncategorized in the category directory. You may encounter situations where Uncategorized (or Uncategorized) categories are assigned to your posts.

In this post, we'll discuss the Uncategorized categories and give you some suggestions on how to effectively remove Uncategorized categories from WordPress.

1. What is an unclassified list?

In WordPress, when it comes to content organization, tags and categories are two prominent and commonly used features.

A category refers to a category, used to group and select related posts together. Although tags are completely optional, a default WordPress directory is required and inaccessible.

However, your post always belongs to a category whether you categorize it or not. The default category of Uncool as a result, will automatically appear with your post when you do not categorize it.

This category of categories aims to assist webmasters to order their content. In fact, it is pointless and does not help to attract readers and compete with other competing websites on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

2. Why should you remove unclassified categories?

There are two main reasons why removing Uncategorized categories from WordPress should be considered: Improve your site quality and increase reader's satisfaction.

# 1 Improve the quality of your website

Unclassified words that appear frequently will make your site unprofessional, careless or sloppy. If most of your posts are listed as not categorized, it clearly shows that you are not paying attention to the editing of your post.

Above all, your content is not well organized and will lack logical cohesion. The frequency of this word will segment your website content and reduce your website quality.

# 2 Increase user satisfaction

A high quality website should have proper and clear order of content. Don't let the default Unclassified category reduce the quality of your website and prevent readers from browsing your site effectively.

Although we cannot delete the default category because WordPress requires your site to have a directory all the time, we can take other approaches to rename the “Uncategorized” category, or set the Create a new default category.

How to remove unclassified categories from WordPress

Let us consider 2 simple approaches that we recommend that you effectively remove the “Uncategorized” category.

# 1 Rename the default category

With this approach, you will change our Unc Classified name to a name that is more relevant to your website content.

To rename the default category, you just need to follow 6 simple steps:

  1. Next PostsCategories in the Admin interface
  2. Sword to section Uncategorized
  3. Then click Edit

4. Enter the new name of the category
5. Change your Slug in Edit category
6. Click Update

Now your default category will display with the new name you have changed instead of not being categorized.

Feel free to come up with the second way that you can use to exit the catalog


# 2 Create a new default category

Unlike the previous approach, this will use existing categories.

Here are 9 easy steps to create a new default category.

If your site has several post categories, you can select a new default category from the Default post category list without creating a new category.

  1. Go to Posts → Categories in your WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to add a new category
  3. Enter your desired default category name in Name
  4. Enter Slug
  5. Click Add new category

6. Go to Settings → Posts
7. Locate the default article
8. Choose your desired default category from the list
9. Click Save Changes

From now on, whenever you forget to group a post into a specific category, WordPress will automatically assign the new default category you created for your post.

Is it better to rename an “Uncategorized” category or set a new default name?

In particular, changing the unclassified name in the list will result in Slug and URL adjustments.

It can have a negative impact on SEO because you already have a lot of posts. One thing to mention is that when you change the slug in categories, it must be different from the Slug in the cards in the same post.

How to delete unclassified product categories in WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce to run your business, you may have the same problem. WooCommerce also has a default product catalog, known as “Uncategorized”. When you add new products and forget to classify them, these products, therefore, belong to an unclassified category.

In fact, the solutions in WooCommerce are theoretically the same as those in WordPress.

However, it has a different interface to WooCommerce and WordPress. We will show you an effective way to delete unclassified categories in WooC Commerce, following 5 steps

  1. Go to Products → Categories
  2. Select the category you want to make it the default category
  3. Click Set default

4. Determination of unclassified location
5. Click Delete

That is all you need to do to get rid of unsorted product categories in WooCommerce.

In WordPress, category is considered a key element to make your website content clear. Let unclassified things disrupt the development of your website or the navigation of your readers.

With 2 methods to remove an unclassified category, rename the default category, or create a new default category, you will never see any posts assigned to an unassigned category. species.

My article shows 2 effective ways to easily delete an “Uncategorized” category in WordPress and WooCommerce. Leave your comments below if you have any issues with WordPress and WooCommerce categories!

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