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Add schema markup to WordPress website with Plugin


Add schema markup to WordPress website with PluginFor this article, show you how to insert a schema into WordPress. But first, it is essential that you understand what WordPress schema is, why it is central to your SEO strategy.

What is a schema markup?

Schema is a structure that helps organize and represent information. At computer programming, the schema manages the database structure. These schemas are useful because they are allowed to use keyboard shortcuts when interpreting large amounts of information is available in any environment. Bookmark the scheme to increase your website traffic because all the major search engines now influence the schema when presenting the search engine results page.

What is


Schema is an integrated home on the web with a schema project, a collaboration between Google, Bing, and Yahoo! the same Yandex search engine in Russia (the search engine has no link) for the purpose of marking the standard structure.

Rich Snippets Plugin:

Plugin has helped WordPress website management easier without difficulty. There are many schema management plugins with WordPress. In this article, I will discuss using the Rich Snippets plugin at the WordPress website.

What is the rich snippet?

The rich snippet is a few additional lines of text / graphics that accompany the search results. This will include a brief description of the page with the same content, reviews, ratings on it, pricing, product availability and more. This gives the user an overview of the entire content on the page.


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Add schema in WordPress

Now, about to add a schema to WordPress. First of all, you'll need admin details on the WordPress dashboard.


  • Click the Plugin tab in the left panel and then click the Add New tab.


  • Search for Rich Snippets on the right side, then click “Install Now”. After successfully installing the All In One Schema Rich Snippets, the plugin should be activated.

There is another recently launched plugin called Schema Ninja that you can use for the same purpose as this article.



Activation is complete, just click Rich Snippets in the sidebar to continue. Then click on the Rich Snippets tab, you will see different options within the Schema you created with the plugin.

  • Item reviews
  • Event
  • People
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Application software
  • Video
  • Article


  • Customize the feeling of the Rich Snippets Box side


  • Read the user guide


  • Read frequently asked questions about the plugin



To see the plugin in action, first, create a new post. Select Navigate to Post >> Add New and enter a title and description. Next, you will see a new meta box labeled Configure Rich Snippets. You will see a dropdown menu to select any post you want.


Select the type of content to display in the Rich Snippet field you need to fill. In the screenshot below, we selected the content type with the service, it shows us the image, service type, regional service, short description, provider name and then turn on / off validation.


Remember to save the article with you after you select the content type.

How do you know that you are using Rich Snippets successfully on your website? You must visit this link “Structured Data Testing Tools” and then click on Fetch URL. Enter your URL and then press the Fetch & Validate button, you will see the script.


Hopefully, you will now be able to easily apply the Rich Snippets plugin on your website. If you have any questions about Rich Snippets, please contact us always ready to help you.

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