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Guide to using Google Optimize A / B split testing for WordPress - HOSTVN Blog

Google Optimize Tutorial – Want to run A / B split testing on your WordPress site to improve your website? Split testing helps you understand how small changes in content and interface design affect user behavior. In this article, HOSTVN will show you how to perform A / B split testing in WordPress using Google Optimize.

What is A / B split test?

A / B split testing is a technique that allows you to compare two interface versions of the same website together, so you can determine which interface works better and gives better results.

Marketers use A / B split testing on their pages to find out which pages bring them more conversions and sales.

Split tests can be used to test any element on the page, including buttons, color schemes, layouts, marketing text, images, etc.

Google Optimize will connect to Google Analytics, this allows Google Optimize share data with Google Analytics makes it easy to manage reports.

Manual for Google Optimize A / B split testing

Step 1: Sign up Google Optimize

Before creating the experience you need to register Google Optimize and integrate it into the website. To do this, see the instructions for adding Google Optimize to WordPress.

Step 2: Create an experience

Log into Google Optimize. Click the button Begin. You will be asked to provide a name for your experience and enter the website URL.


You will also be asked to choose one for your experience. You need to select A / B testing and then click the button Create. Next you click the button Add variation to create a new variation.


You will be asked to enter a name for the variation. After you have entered the variant name, click the button Accomplished


You will be redirected to the page listing the variations you have created. Click the button Edit to start editing variation.


If you have not installed Google Optimize extension For your browser, you will receive installation requests



After installation Google Optimize Extension press the button Edit again and you will now be redirected to your website with the drag and drop tool so you can make changes to your site's appearance.


You can edit everything as you wish and after editing is complete press the button Save -> Accomplished. You will be redirected to the Google Optimize management page


Here you can continue to edit or add another variation to your experience. Then you need to choose a goal for your experience. Just below the variations, you'll see the option to choose an experience goal.


You can choose goals from the list or create custom goals as you like

Screenshot_38 - Google Optimize User Guide

In this article HOSTVN will select a goal of Page Views in the list available

Screenshot_39 - Instructions for using Google Optimize

Screenshot_40 - User manual for Google Optimize

Step 3: Run the A / B split test

After editing the experience and choosing the goal, click the button Begin to run the experiment

Screenshot_41 - Instructions for using Google Optimize

Step 4: View the report

To view the report Google Optimize You can see the result in tab Report.

Screenshot_42 - User manual for Google Optimize


HOSTVN hopes this article has helped you learn how to perform A / B split testing in WordPress with Google Analytics and Google Optimize. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below.

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