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How to arrange plugins in groups in WordPress

How to arrange plugins in groups in WordPressAfter using WordPress for a long time, you must have accumulated a lot of plugins. After all, loads of good tools to help you build a great website. But what happens when the plugin list gets too long?

Here, we will show you how to set up WordPress plugins to manage those plugins.

Why do you need to group plugins together?

The main feature from WordPress is the incredible number of plugins you add. It's easy to come across new features and tools that you want to add to your website to improve everything from SEO to user experience.

Over time, this list of plugins has become quite extensive. It will take you a long time to scroll down to find certain add-ons in case you want to delete or edit them.

By grouping WordPress plugins together, you will easily cut down the time needed to find them.

How to use Plugin Groups

This is a WordPress plugin manager that will help you group specific tools together to make finding them easier.

Install and activate the Groups plugin


In the Plugins section, click Groups.


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Add a new group

This screen will show you all the groups you have available. Since this is your first time using the plugin, this list is empty. But for future reference, you'll come here to edit later.

NOTE: You can also import and export groups you create. That means you can use the same group list at other websites you manage.

Click the add group button.


Create a new name to the group. For this example, we will create a group for content development.


Click the space next to Plugin. This will let you see the drop-down list by all the tools you have installed.


Find the plugin you want to add to the list and click it.


To add another plugin, click the free space next to the one you added.


Add the next plugin by your side to the group.


Continue with this process until you've added all the plugins you want to this particular list.

When you're done, click the save button.


Anytime you want to add a plugin to your party, just go back to the Groups feature and click on the one you want to change.

Access plugin groups

Now that you have your own group, where will you access it?

Go to the Plugin installed from the admin panel.


Click the group link you created.


You will see the list of plugins you have added to the group.


How many groups can you create with this plugin?

You can set up as many groups as you like. Not only that, but you can also add the same plugin to multiple groups if you need to.

For example, suppose you have installed Yoast SEO. You can add it to the content development team with the SEO team if you want.


When you organize your plugin in groups at WordPress, it helps streamline maintenance. Instead of scrolling through, trying to find the right tool, just click the link. For those who have many tools installed, it will save a lot of time.

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