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How to create a multilingual WordPress website with the Weglot Translate Plugin


How to create a multilingual WordPress website with the Weglot Translate PluginIn this current age, it is imperative to see as well as read for any visitors or potential customers. The first step is to have a website accessible to anyone, ideally in their own language or at least in a language they really understand.

WordPress multilingual is not natively supported at WordPress core, only plugins will help you get there (unless you choose the multi-page option). However, the existing plugin is subject to complex setup, use, compatibility issues with other plugins, slows down the website, and no content recommendations. That is why Weglot translation is built, developed, for the purpose of combining simple languages.

Why choose the Weglot Translate plugin?


Assuming you have chosen the plugin option over multiple pages to add a new language to your WordPress website, here are the main benefits of Weglot Translate compared to the existing plugin:

  • Easy to set up / use: you don't need technical skills or manipulate source files
  • Flexible, lightweight solution: no need to create technical architecture or store new content, everything is hosted, served by Weglot
  • SEO optimization: clean source code with automatically generated dedicated subdirectories (/ en / fr / nl, etc.) will help Google gather accurate information, and track SEO tags in every language
  • Content provider, choose between 3 sources: (i) machine translation (provided by default at registration); (ii) people (users or group members); (iii) professional translators (providing professional services)
  • Compatibility: no compatibility issues with themes or plugins, because Weglot interacts at the beginning of the code, doesn't mess with WordPress support office

So now, how do I add a new language, translate content for me on my WordPress website? In this tutorial, suppose you have a WordPress website.

Starting here,

Step 1: install Weglot Translate

Log in to your WordPress WordPress Admin Console.

Navigate to Plugins> Add New ".

From the top right, look for Weglot Transerlate ,,.

Click on Install Now, as shown.

After installation, click activate “Active Plugin”


Step 2: Configure Weglot Translate

Navigate to Weglot at the left navigation menu.

You will see a list of options from which you configure the language you want to click the converter button.

However, to run Weglot Translate on your WordPress website, you must create an account on the Weglot website to get the API key.


See more: Instructions on how to install WordPress when using cPanel

Step 3: get the API key

To get the API key from Weglot, click the link at configuration or open your browser and then go to

Click on "Sign Up" to enter from the upper right corner or on "Start now" now, in the middle.


Enter your information.


Once you've created your account, confirm your email and you'll see something like the one below. Copy your API key from here.


Step 4: set up API key

Go back to your WordPress WordPress Admin Console.

Navigate to Weglot Service on the left sidebar and then Paste Paste API.


You are done!

Your website is now available in the language you selected, click the converter button on it.


Step 5: Edit your translation in your Weglot account

Go back to your WordPress WordPress Admin Console.

Navigate to the Weglot Service in the left sidebar, then click Edit Translation.


WordPress admin panel

It will open your Weglot translation dashboard with you in the New Tab.

  • Display content on your side in the original language on the left, with content translated on the right
  • You edit the translation, enter the field and change it
  • Changes are automatically saved if you exit the field and then displayed on your website
  • To find specific content, phrases or words, navigate through the page on the left menu
  • You can also search for specific phrases or words using the search bar


Step 6: Customize the language switch button

  • Back to your WordPress WordPress Admin Console.
  • Navigate to Feglot Weglot on the left bar.
  • Scroll down slowly, you will see custom switch button on your side.
  • Varies according to your needs.


Create website Multilingual WordPress helps gain visibility, visitors and potential customers. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will answer.

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