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How to display images in WordPress Sidebar, why you need it


How to display images in WordPress SidebarAre you looking for ways to display images in WordPress sidebar? Your sidebar will appear on every page, for that reason, it needs to be good. In addition to adding all sorts of features to it, you can also display photos and graphics.

The ability to add images to the WordPress Sidebar is integrated into the management system by default, without requiring any additional plugins.

Today, I will present many methods to display images in WordPress Sidebar.

Why display images in WordPress Sidebar?

You easily add images to the Sidebar, the question is why should you do that? The answer is quite simple: improve it visually.

When visitors click on your website, the first two things are evaluated. How long it takes to load the page, website looks like. If either of these is unsatisfactory, the visitor will leave, all of which happens about 30 seconds.

Having a well-designed, visually appealing sidebar makes your website look good, but it's not an easy task. It's a small space you have to fill it up with features and useful links for visitors to make the most of.

So the question then becomes what kind of image should add?

When there really are no correct answers, there are many ideas. For starters, the most common image that appears on the Sidebar is your website logo.

Remember that the sidebar appears on every page, displaying your side logo is a great idea. It creates brand recognition. If you have created the logo correctly, it will be very comfortable to view and match your website design.

Other popular photos include the physical location of your storefront, owner or employee, top products and more. My opinion is that the image should be related to your website or business.

Method 1: Image Widget

This is not surprising, but there is an actual utility called an image widget, in addition to that, adding images. It's as easy as it sounds, get involved in it.

On the left admin panel, click Themes and then select the Widgets option.


The widget page lets you select a widget and place it in the widget area. The most common include the sidebar area or footer. Locate the image widget and drag it to the Sidebar area.


The image utility is easy to install. There are two options: title or image.

Adding titles is completely optional. If you do not add, you will only see images. This is exactly what you want. Plus, if you're looking to add more text, method two is definitely what you're looking for.

Click the Add image button, then select the image you want to display from the media library.


Click the Save button


Your side image will now show up in your WordPress Sidebar.

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Method 2: Text Widget

The text widget is the most flexible utility at the WordPress developer arsenal. In addition to adding text, you can also add images, videos, GIFs and other types of media. Text widgets are basically like small text editors.

Like the previous method, go to the Widgets page. However, this time, locate the alternative text widget.


Drag the Text widget to your Sidebar area. At this widget, you have two fields. Headlines, text boxes, however there is more.

The activity title you suspect is completely optional. However, in the text box, you do a lot. In our case, adding the image is simple. Click “Add Media” and select the image on your side.


Now the image will be added to the text box. However, the main difference is that you add some text that you can't access in the image widget.

This is especially useful when you're using photos of your storefront, staff, or products as you now add a short description below.

For example, suppose you choose to use storefront images. Below the image, you add the address, or even better, turn the address into a link to Google Maps. This shows that your storefront helps customers find it, which is more than just images.

When the image is selected and any related text has been added, click the Save button.


Photos with text on your side are now viewable in your Sidebar.

Method 3: Plugin

If for some reason you don't want to use the previous methods, there are plugins that do this. However, I really do not recommend this method. Every time you add a plugin to your website, it will be a bit slower.

You should always use the least number of plugins in this case, the default tool is more than enough.

However, if you really want the plugin, the Image Widget Deluxe plugin is a great upgrade with the default Image widget. Install and then activate the plugin on your WordPress website to get started.

This plugin adds the Image Widget Delux utility to your site.

Here is everything you can do with this tool:

The title behaves as usual.

Images for you to choose images to display from your media library.

Text for you to type the description.

Add buttons for you to create hyperlinks.

The link is where you add the URL on the website. However, you also just add the link and then remove the button to turn the image into a separate button.

Note: For some reason, the Photo Select button on the plugin doesn't work when you add the widget to the original Sidebar. All you need to do is reload the page when you add it and the problem will be solved.

Go to the widget page of your website and fill in the widget settings. Remember to click the Save button if you're done.


Congratulations, now you know three ways to display images in WordPress sidebar.

Alternatives to images in the Sidebar

Fully customizable WordPress sidebar. You put most of it there and make it look exactly what you need. If you're looking to add images to just fill the space, consider some of these alternatives.

You add social media information as an Instagram feed or a Pinterest feed. If social media is not in your alley, consider adding a search bar to help visitors find related content. Sidebar has infinite potential; The only factor is your creativity.

Which method do you like? Share in the comments section below.

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