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How to display specific post types for search results in WordPress


How to display specific post types for search results in WordPressAlthough WordPress has a basic method for users to find your website, it doesn't always provide the best results. If you fine-tune the tool, it will improve the level of interaction with the time on the website. Showing specific post types at search is a good way of doing this.

After all, you want visitors to find exactly what they're looking for if you want to keep them interested.

Today, I will show you how to add specific post types with search results at WordPress.

Why should specific post types be displayed in search issues?

By default, the search function from WordPress is not as intuitive as many people want. It does not completely provide the best results according to visitor criteria. Not to mention that you don't have the option to customize the results.

As you expand what the search function does, you provide a more engaging layout to your visitors.

For example, it's easy to build a WordPress custom search page where visitors find results more accurately. This keeps them browsing content with you longer instead of searching for answers elsewhere.

Of course, you still need to create great content for that search function to work correctly.

Use Ivory Search

Here, I will demonstrate a little about what Ivory Search does at WordPress. This is a solid plugin that comes with an easy to use interface. This plugin lets you customize results by specific post type at search.

You can add it in the sidebar, on posts, pages, or even add a search in the menu bar.

You are limited to authors, custom post types, metadata, even adjustments for WooCommerce if you open an online store.

In a nutshell, it helps you build your WordPress custom search form when it comes up with lots of options with specific information.

Install and activate, Search Ivory Search.

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When activated, you will see the security screen, updated. This is an optional installation, you are free.

Basically, it's the developer asking you to send you updates about features and security.

Choose the option you prefer. For this tutorial, I simply click the Skip button. But this completely depends on you.

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The next screen will display “Search Forms”. You can find this by visiting Ivory Search from the left panel at WordPress.

At this screen, you will see all the forms of search available to you. Since you are creating a lot of search results with your website, this is where you will make the adjustments.

Searching Ivory Search offers you various ways to improve your site's search capabilities. You can use widgets, create specific search pages, or use the simple field at the navigation menu.

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Add new search results

Please build a new form of search.

Click the “Add New” button on the screen.

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Name the new search. This is just for your reference. Visitors will not see this screen on the front.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

Select the option you want to activate with this search form. This is where you can adjust your specific post type in search results.

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For example, you enable hardware attachment in post type if you want visitors to search through images or files.

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Something like this will benefit online portfolios or ways to search photo galleries.

Another method to refine your WordPress search results page is to use categorical terms. Here, you select categories, tags and specific post format. You may also include title, description.

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This gives you a good way to find WordPress in your chosen directory. That means you can provide customized search form on posts that only browse related content.

Unfortunately, a lot of the more attractive options on Ivory Search are locked behind the pro version. For example, you limit search results to authors unless you upgrade.

When you're done making adjustments to your side, click the save form button.

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Do not include search results

What if you want to exclude specific post types in search?

Click the “Excludes” tab to the left of the search form.

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This part works similarly when you build your new search template. However, it will remove this option from the results page. Select the search criteria you want to avoid in the new search field.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

For example, we choose to remove a tag by selecting it from the list.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

Once you've selected the option on your side, click the Save From button.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

Use custom search on a post or page

Now that we're ready to search for a specific type of post, it's time to add it to the page or post.

Click on the search form on the Ivory Search platform on the left.

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Copy the shortcode from the search you want to use.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

Paste the shortcode into any post or page you want to use the search field.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

If you are using Gutenberg, use the short block of code with this.

When the post or page is published or updated, the search field will be available.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

This lets you place your search field anywhere in your content.

Use custom WordPress search utility

What if you want to customize WordPress search form at the widget? Ivory Search does that too. This causes you to place the search function in any sidebar on your side theme.

Go to the interface and click Widgets.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

Drag and drop Ivory Search widget to your sidebar.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

Select which search you want to use.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

Click the Save button on the widget.

how-to-get-the-best----------------sis -one-death-in-wordpress

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