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Instructions on how to install Microsoft Office 2019 on MacBook - Knowledge sharing blog

Note: Please read the article carefully before proceeding! If in the process of using you encounter any errors, such as broken download links, slow loading blog, or not being able to access a certain page on the blog … then please inform me through the Contact page. Thanks!

Windows and MacOS are two operating systems that most users choose to use for office work, as well as their daily work.

And when the world's most popular office suite (Microsoft Office), or more specifically, the latest version of Office 2019 now supports Windows 10, there's no reason why it won't support the piece. fertile macOS soil at all. Is that right !

Currently, on the blog, there are only instructions on installing Office 2019 on Windows in optional mode and installing Office on Ubuntu, there is no tutorial on the Macbook.

Therefore, in this article I will guide you in detail How to install Office 2019 on a MacBook (running macOS) in the simplest way!

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#first. Introducing a little bit about Office 2019 on MacBook

Regarding the Microsoft Office 2019 suite, I do not need to introduce much, because most of you here are not new to it anymore, right.

As for features, most of the features that Office on Windows has, Office on macOS also, applications such as Word, Excel, OneNote, Acess, OneDrive, … in the Office suite that Windows owns, macOS is similar. that's all.

If it is different then it will be different in terms of approach and use, because the interface on macOS and Windows is completely different. If you are new to macOS, it will be quite difficult as well as time to get used to it!

cai-office-2019-on-macos (2)

Like previous versions of Office, Office 2019 does not require a too high configuration, almost every MacBook, iMac now has enough capacity to meet, so you do not need to care much. However, I still give you more reference:

  • OS: macOS 10.13 High Sierra and above.
  • CPU: Intel processor
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • Display: 1280 x 800 resolution or higher
  • Storage: 10 GB of free HFS + or more free disk space

#2. Download Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS

And here is the download link for Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS, choose one of the links at the bottom, download any one is, each is equivalent to each other.

You press the button Like to display the download link!

Note: The file is in .ZIP format so you don't need to use 3rd party software to extract it, its size is 1.5GB.

# 3. Instructions for installing Office 2019 on macOS

+ Step 1: You download and extract will be a folder name Microsoft Office 2019 contains 2 files as shown in the image below:

  • File blogchiasekienthuc.txt I'll just add some fun, you don't need to care 😀
  • Microsoft_Office … xx.PKG is the installation file, it will be what you have to run to be able to install Office on MacOS => double click on this file name as shown in the image to start the installation.

cai-office-2019-on-macos (3)

+ Step 2: There will be an installation window, click Continue to continue through the following step.

And to make sure this is a genuine installer created by Microsoft, click the icon ổ khoá in the top right corner of the window to see its certificate.

If you see the line Developer ID Installer whose content is Microsoft Corporation you can safely install it later!

cai-office-2019-on-macos (4)

+ Step 3: Next is the terms of use – just like the instruction manual, the part you will never read and instead will skip. Me too I guess that's it :)))

If you are free, you can sit and read and if not, click Continue => and then press Agree (Agree) in the pop-up to go to the next step.

cai-office-2019-on-macos (5)

+ Step 4: Go to this step, if you click Contiune always okay – Office will proceed to install all the applications included in this Office including: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive, Outlook … on your computer, all 9GB of hard drive space.

If you do not use it all, you just want to install the applications that you will use, then click the button Customize to set to install only the applications you want.

In addition, you can also reset the installation location by selecting on Change install location If you want, but this part I recommend you to leave it as default!

cai-office-2019-on-macos (6)

+ Step 5: This step, please uncheck the applications you do not need to use => and then click Install, then the applications you keep will be installed on your computer.

cai-office-2019-on-macos (7)

+ Step 6: Finally, you will be asked to enter your account password => and the file recording and application installation process will begin.

This process takes place quickly or slowly depending on the number of applications you have chosen, but it only takes about 5-7 minutes. Because the SSD hard drive on Macbook runs very fast.

Message line appears The installation was successful then you have successfully installed it, press Close to exit this installer.

cai-office-2019-on-macos (8)

+ Step 7: Process Install Office 2019 on MacOS is complete, now you should be able to use it normally. I just directed here only, and the copyright issue, you solve it yourself 😛

cai-office-2019-on-macos (9)

# 4. Epilogue

So I just finished the tutorial for you How to install Office 2019 on a MacBook Alright then. And as you can see, it's extremely simple and not difficult at all.

Hopefully after this article, you will be able to install the Office for yourself as well as for your friends and relatives.

If you find this article good, do not forget to rate, as well as share it for everyone to use offline. Good luck !

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