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Instructions to fix the computer not on the screen 100% OK

One beautiful day, you turn on your computer and encounter an error The computer is not on the screen. You go online to find all ways to fix it but can't fix this error.

To help you fix this error quickly, learn right through the article below with to get a detailed answer.

Cause of computer error not on the screen

Usually this error does not occur on the screen mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Error due to loose power cord connected to monitor
  • Error due to loose RAM slot
  • Error of video card
  • Cable error
  • Hardware error

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Ways to fix computer error not on the screen

To fix the computer not on the screen you do the following ways:

Turn off the computer completely, then restart the computer

One of the many errors of the user is not to completely turn off the device, people often leave Lock, Sleep, etc. At this time the screen has been turned off. You will mistakenly think that the computer is turned off. In essence the computer is still active.

The solution is to hold the Power button (Power) for 6-7 seconds to turn your computer off completely. Then proceed to turn on the computer offline.

Instructions to fix computer errors not on the screen

Try this method, if not, proceed to method 2.

Adjust your computer's RAM slot

This is also one of the causes of the screen not getting on. The Ram bar is extremely important for your computer, in case the RAM bar is loose or dirty due to long periods of unhygienic, it also leads to the computer not on the screen.

Instructions to fix computer errors not on the screen

Just unplug your computer, wipe it off the dust, and plug the RAM back in tightly. Then reopen your computer.

Check the connection cable again

The cable connecting the computer to the monitor is loose, which can also lead to non-display.

To fix this situation, you just need to adjust the cable connecting the monitor to the computer tree is okay. Firmly connect the connectors and plug the cable again. This is quite easy with a desktop computer, and a laptop is quite hard.

Instructions to fix computer errors not on the screen

If not sure, please ask someone who specializes in computer to remove for offline.

Check the power from the cable again

Many times the power cord of your computer monitor fails to receive power or there is a case that the socket is damaged leading to power not in.

Instructions to fix computer errors not on the screen

Solution: Check the cable, plug in another socket to test.

Check the status of the LED again

Usually the computer screen lights have their own colors such as blue, orange, red, … If you have fully plugged the power cord into the power outlet and checked the drive firmly, pay attention to the computer screen light.

Instructions to fix computer errors not on the screen

If it does not glow, the possibility of the screen power cord is very high. You should check again.

Try another cable

If the above method is to check the cable, check the status of the LED is still not successful. Try another cable, try a new one to make sure it is faulty or not.

Check the video card

A computer display card is an extremely important device to the computer, it is also a cause of errors on the computer screen. Usually the video card rarely fails, but it is not impossible.

If this error occurs, it is best to take it outside the computer repair center, to tell them to check and necessary, on your behalf.

Instructions to fix computer errors not on the screen

Re-check the hardware

In addition to the above physical causes, computer hardware failure is also the leading cause of computer failures on the screen.

Try one of the following to fix the error:

Try a different monitor on your computer

Proceed with connecting a different monitor to your computer. If the screen is still up, then your screen is less active, so replace your screen. Should not be too economical to take away the repair because sometimes just lost money, sometimes not effective.

Try your monitor on another computer

Try a situation where your monitor is connected to another computer. If still OK, then the possibility is that the video card is defective, proceed to remove the video card on your computer and reinstall it. If not, then the card is likely to be defective, so replace it only.

Motherboard error

If both the monitor and the video card are OK on other devices, the tree motherboard is likely to be faulty. Please bring them to the shop for them to check, if the motherboard is broken, it is best to replace the new motherboard to fix the error.


The above are answers related to how to fix errors The computer is not on the screen. Hope through the article helped you fix errors quickly and successfully.

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