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Numbering the comments in your WordPress


Numbering the comments section in WordPressAre you looking for ways to number WordPress comments? WordPress comment numbering is the simplest method to style your WordPress comment section.

However, WordPress does not have an easy way to style WordPress comments without the help of plugins, but like everything at WordPress, if needed, there are plugins. Here, we will show you how to add numbers to your WordPress comments using the Greg's Threaded Comment Numbering plugin.

The comment section is very important

The comment section is very important to Create website Your party is alive. At the bottom of every website, your readers will want to discuss the content, but the default comment section on WordPress is simple. The good news is that it's fully customizable, you get the most stylish commentary.

There are many ways to style the comment section, adding numbers is just one way. Other ways include coloring, font selection, Gravatars, more. The only limit is your imagination and the ability to encrypt your side.

Install the Greg's Threaded Comment Numbering Plugin

The plugin makes adding numbers to your comments extremely simple, but keep in mind that it hasn't been updated at one time. However, it still works perfectly with WordPress version 5.1.1. You will still need to make small changes to your comment file and then add some simple CSS, but it is very easy to do, even for beginners.

Click on the plugin and select Add New in the left column.


Look in the box available. This move will lead to useful plugins.


Scroll until you see the plugin, install it, activate it, then use it.


In the admin panel on the left, click settings and then select the Number of comments by thread option. This will pull up the main settings page.


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Numbered WordPress comments

The first thing you need to do is change the settings in the plugin. By default, the plugin will try to load its own spreadsheet. You want to select the No option – I will provide my own digital style option. By choosing to load the stylesheet on the plugin, you will see a drop in performance on your website. Since speed is an SEO factor, you need to choose the appropriate option.


Next, you need to make small edits to the Comments.php file at your side theme. Code changes are easy on WordPress, but you should always back up your website with you before continuing. This will ensure that if an error occurs, you can restore your website. Click on the interface and select the theme editing option.


On the right, click comment in the topic file. Locate the function wp_list_comments ().


You need to replace it with the following function:

Click on the update file button.


Finally, we need to add some style to the number. Click on the interface and then select custom options.


Click additional CSS options. Here you add custom CSS to change the look of your website. Copy and paste the following CSS into the appropriate area:

This is a very basic style that you are free to change by changing the value. However, it should be noted that because we are directly editing the topic side code, not all threads are coded in the same way. It is possible that the above step does not work because the thread is coded differently.

In this case, you need to find out which function your theme is using, which is unique to each topic. Once this position is set, you need to replace it with the callback function on the plugin.

Make your comment section look awesome

The majority of your interactions with visitors will take place in two places, the social media channel, the comment section. Both are important to your website's success, redesigning your comments is the first step. Not only should you consider what the comments look like, you should also think about how visitors leave comments.

Changing the comment form is a great way to customize the comment section. You have added a series of features that have become the main part of the comment section. For example, the likes or hearts feature helps your visitors interact with each other and it's all done by editing the comment form.

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