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Receive email notifications for post updates in WordPress


Receive email notifications for post updates in WordPressAre you looking to get email notifications when posts update at WordPress? Email notifications are a great way to ensure you always get website notifications, like when WordPress updates. Although this may not seem necessary if you are the only person editing the post content, it is useful for multi-author websites.

To keep up with the demand for content, many small websites will turn to multi-author websites or start relying heavily on user contributions. Regardless of which path you choose, the post content will be updated, you need to know when it happens. Today, I will show you how to receive email notifications to update your posts at WordPress using the Better Notifications for WordPress plugin.

Why is it necessary to notify about updating posts


You wonder why you need to know when posts are updated at WordPress. The answer is actually quite simple, so please check for actual updates. Let's face it, regardless of the article written by the staff or collaborators, changes need to be made. This is for correcting spelling errors, fixing incorrect information, updating corrections or for other reasons.

Although it is perfectly normal to perform this kind of update, it leads to new problems. For example, there are changes affecting website SEO performance. This is a serious problem, which is why contributors are unable to update posts. Instead, they need to contact the editor or administrator account to make changes for them.

It is also absolutely necessary to create notifications to the social media followers you own. For example, if the author decides to rewrite the entire content or update the post every year, let the followers know that it is important. Although this is usually planned in advance, there is still an error, you can fix it by being alert to email notifications.

How to get email notifications to update posts in WordPress

Here, I will show how to receive email notifications to update posts at WordPress using the Better Notifications for WordPress plugin. This plugin focuses on you receiving email notifications and countless changes at WordPress. These include password changes, user role changes, updates, email changes, post updates, and more. This is all in the WordPress email notification plugin.

It is important to remember that a lot of changes occur on the WordPress website you own. This leads to large number of email notifications. Ideally, new email settings can only be used with notifications on your website. This will ensure that the actual email address is not filled with notification emails.

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Install the plugin

Start by clicking Plugin and then select Add New in the left panel.


Search for the plugin in the search box. This will entail a useful plugin.


Move to find the plugin and click the install button immediately, activate the plugin, use.


In the admin panel on the left, click on the notification and choose a new add option. This will pull up the main settings page.


Set up notifications

Before starting to create a notification system, make sure that the website is ready to send email. Many ways to do this. Of course, you can also use the Gmail SMTP server to send emails from WordPress. Plenty of choices, but if you find that emails aren't sent quickly or repeatedly, this is the reason.

Setting up notifications is easy. What you need to do is choose what triggers the notification, who receives the notification. It is extremely easy to do. Before you do any of this, make sure to name the alert to help locate it easier.

The first step is to choose what triggers notifications. The first box on the page is the drop down box that you are allowed to choose to activate. For the purposes of this tutorial, choose the option to post updates, but you make as many notifications as you need with any other activity.


Below you will find various settings you choose based on needs. You may change this setting at any time.

Now you need to choose who to send the email notification to. Inbox is drop down box. You can select the entire user role or select each user. Choose who to send email to.


Create an email subject and fill in the email body. You can also automatically fill it out by clicking the insert content button in the default, but this is not available with all email options.


Click the Save button when you're done.


You have successfully added an email notification of article updates to WordPress.


Receiving email notifications is extremely helpful, but it will easily overwhelm your email. It is best to select only a few notifications if you will be sending many notifications from the website you have. However, you easily see thousands of emails if you choose to receive emails whenever someone leaves a comment. You always change the notification if you are overloaded.

Why are you adding post update notifications to WordPress? What other notifications will you add to WordPress?

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