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Brave browser is gradually becoming more popular when integrated with the automatic lookup Wayback Machine 500

Brave, a major security-oriented rival of well-known browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, now automatically redirects users to check archived versions of pages that have been removed from the web.

Starting February 25, Brave browser users can instantly access the cached content of missing pages on Internet sites through integration. Wayback Machine of the Brave browser.

To unlock new features, Brave has partnered with the nonprofit digital library The Internet Archive, or The new feature that debuted on the Brave browser is version 1.4 and is currently only available on desktop. disclosure this development in a blog post on February 25.

Historical portal of the Internet

Archive was established in 1996 to provide access to historical digital data, Internet Archive has stored more than 900 billion URLs along with 400 billion web pages to date and continues to add hundreds of millions of pages every day. .

As a result of integrating the Wayback Machine on HTTP 404 responses in the Brave computer browser, users can automatically read a data page instead of the “No page found” message as usual. If a page is missing or has been taken down, Brave will display the following message:

"Sorry, that page is missing. Do you want to check the saved version on the Wayback Machine? "


Wayback Machine 404 support on Brave browser. “Missing” page links

Therefore, Brave users will be able to switch to older versions of the page in case they are hosted on the Wayback Machine. Brave has stated that this is the first browser to support Wayback Machine so far. Indeed, other popular browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox currently only support this feature through browser extensions.

The collaboration of Brave and the Internet Archive started in 2017

Even so, Wayback Machine's support for Brave is not the first collaboration between this browser and the Internet Archive. Back in 2017, Internet Archive added micropayment support to the Brave Browser users, and allowed them to reward their favorite websites with cryptocurrency. Finally, the Internet Archive collected more than $ 2,500 in prize money through its token (BAT) in April 2019.

To strengthen ties with Brave, Internet Archive has expressed a positive opinion on the privacy of online users.

At the same time this news was released, a study proved that the Brave browser is the best solution among popular browsers including Google, Safari and Firefox when it comes to privacy. As the privacy of online users becomes more and more concerned, Brave browser will become more popular worldwide.


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