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How to manage file downloads with WordPress Download Manager

How to manage file downloads with WordPress Download Manager – Managing file downloads is sometimes a difficult task. There are several great ways to accomplish this. You use something like WooCommerce to manage file downloads or you just use WordPress and then manage the file using the WordPre…

Guide to compress and decompress files .Zip, .RAR

Currently the need to store and share files is very large, so people have devised compressed files to meet this demand. In particular, file compression reduces the size of the file to save memory w…
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Traders rushed to buy USDT, USDC, PAX: Stablecoins exploded sharply after the market plunged

Stablecoins have had huge volumes and strong growth this month, especially after the market massacre on March 12. Normally, USDT was the king of stablecoins after the market recession, but 4.6 bill…
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Black screen error after installing Windows 8, 8.1

Bro, my computer just installed Windows 8.1 from my video, but when the installation is completed, it gets a black screen doing nothing. I consulted many people who said that copyright was not acti…
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Today's bitcoin news (March 16): Struggles rise from the bottom

Bitcoin news The past hours, prices Bitcoin still showed efforts to recover and grow from last week's fall, but the results are nowhere to be found. Bitcoin price movement in the past 24 hour…

Bitcoin price soared to $ 5,900 after the US Fed cut interest rates to 0%

Over the past few hours, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has skyrocketed 14.33% to reach a daily high of $ 5,940. The sharp price move allowed the currency to break out of the tight range of $ 5,070- …
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Fix error of losing icon icon on the Desktop screen

The situation where the computer icons are lost is because they are hidden because users accidentally set them up. To display these icons again, just right-click on the desktop Desktop => move …
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ETH rebounds above $ 100, will a weekly close determine fate?

On March 12, ETH plummeted with tremendous speed and reached a low of $ 89 the following day. It is worth mentioning that ETH has not traded below $ 100 since December 8, 2018. However, it immediat…
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