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Find out about popular Web Hosting types today - HOSTVN Blog

In this article, HOSTVN will explore with you current popular Web Hosting types and their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of popular Web Hosting today

1. Free hosting

free hosting

Currently, many providers are offering free hosting packages. Free hosting is best suited for small websites that have low traffic, like home or hobby websites. It is not recommended for high traffic websites or business websites, companies. The technical support of free hosting is often limited, and the technical options are few.

Good: Bad:
Free. There is often a great deal of technical options available.
Good for family, hobbies or personal websites. Limited security.
Restrict domain name, database
Limited technical support or none.

2. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is currently very popular and works very effectively as well as save in terms of cost. With shared hosting, your website is hosted on a powerful server. On a shared server, usually each website will have its own domain name.

Shared hosting often comes with email, databases and many options for editing hosting parameters. When using shared hosting, you will receive technical support during use.

Good: Bad:
Low price. Limited bandwidth, capacity.
Many hosting options Does not support many types of databases.
Own domain name. Limited software support.
Good support.

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3. VPS hosting

vps hosting - popular types of Web Hosting

With VPS, your website is hosted on a virtual server. VPS is a form of hosting with a high price. The solution is best suited for large websites that have high traffic and websites that use special software.

Good: Bad:
Good for big business. High price.
Large bandwidth. Requires high skill to use.
Many domain names.
Powerful email solution.
Strong database support.
Strong software support (unlimited).

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3. Collocated Hosting

Collocated Hosting

Collocation means “co-location”. It is a solution that allows you to place your own web server at the service provider's infrastructure.

This is quite similar to running your own server in your own office, only it is located in a place better designed for it.

Providers will have dedicated resources such as high security against fire and vandalism, prescribed backup resources, dedicated Internet connection, etc.

Good: Bad:
High bandwidth. Expensive.
up-time. Requires higher skills.
High security. More difficult to configure and debug.
Unlimited software options.


In this article HOSTVN Along with you to learn some popular types of Web Hosting today and their advantages and disadvantages. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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