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How to add Menu Icons in WordPress with ThemeIsle


How to add Menu Icons in WordPress with ThemeIsleAre you looking for ways to add Menu Icons at WordPress? Menu icons are added to your website menu and make them look attractive and professional. However, WordPress has no built-in way to add these, which is why you will need the plugin.

Today, I will show you how to add menu icons on WordPress using the Menu Icons plugin with ThemeIsle.

Why add Menu Icons at WordPress?

Adding icons to the menu item makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. This plugin provides many icons to use from the beginning.

You can create icons with different websites including social media icons. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other graphics are all easily created. This makes it easier for visitors to share your content on their favorite social media platforms.

However, the utility is actually found at the custom icon creation feature next to it. This is the WordPress menu image plugin, meaning you get the images uploaded to your media library and use them as menu icons.

This gives you infinite number of images to use. Just make sure they are the right size.

Most professional websites use menu icons at their side designs. Therefore, do not use them to make your website look less professional.

Install Menu Icons

The Icons Menu inside ThemeIsle is a WordPress plugin with many customization options. It has hundreds of icons to choose from and the ability to use custom images as well. The plugin is easy to use at all skill levels.

Note: Although this plugin was created by ThemeIsle, you do not need to use it in high-end themes with them. This plugin is compatible with most themes available at WordPress.

Click on the plugin and select Add New in the left column.


Find Menu Icons by ThemeIsle in the box. By doing so entails a useful plugin.


Scroll to the Menu Icons in ThemeIsle and then immediately install, activate and use.


On the left admin panel, click Interface and then select the Menu option. This will pull up the menu settings page.


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Set Menu icon

At the menu item section, you will see many ways to add items to your website menu. Click on the Menu Icons installation options.


By default, only the Dashicons checkbox is selected, the option you choose will cause you to use more icons at the menu. Dashicons contain basic icons when other icons contain less common icons.

Although you are free to check the entire box, you should still check the great looking fonts and images. Font Awesome adds a lot of options for social media icons and images that you are allowed to upload to custom graphics.

Click “Save Settings” when you are finished.


By clicking the Current Menus tab, you are editing the current setting. This is best done after you've added the logo. That way you will see what the changes will look like.

Add menu icon

Click the Custom link option. Fill in the desired link information.


In this example, I will show you how to create a Reddit icon, but repeat this step for any other website.

Just enter the URL of the website you want to link to. In this case, I will use it on, but you can also use it on and many others.

Next, add link text. It is best to use only the name on the website, so in this case, I will use Reddit.

Click the “Add to Menu” button


Now you will see Reddit appear in your menu structure.

It is time to add the icon to the menu item you have created. Click the menu item and then the Select icon option.


If you've followed my recommendations, you'll see the Dashicons, Font Awesome, and Image options on the left. Although Reddit is extremely popular, it is still not the standard icon you will add.

For this reason, you will not find it in the Dashicons section. Instead, click Font Awesome and find the Reddit icon you want to use.


Alternatively, you can click on the image and add your own custom logo, but you need to make sure it is the right size.

On the right hand side, you will have several custom options available. How you choose to edit them is entirely up to you.

Click the “Select” button when you are finished.


Now you can repeat this step to add as many icons as you want. Click on the Save Menu button to finish.


You have successfully added a menu icon at WordPress using the Menu Icons by ThemeIsle plugin.

Menus helps customers immensely

The whole point of the menu is to help your visitors navigate your website, reaching you on other platforms. For example, you can create a home option by using your home page as a custom link. Simply add the home icon to match it and you just need to create a stylish menu item.

It's easy to do and it makes it easy for new visitors to find their way back. However, social media icons are becoming more important to success at the years. With it visitors access your brand on various platforms to follow or share with their friends.

Menu icons make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for, so using them is a perfect option.

Did you take the time to create and then upload the custom menu icon?

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