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How to customize Slug and WordPress Website author URLs


WebHow to customize Slug and WordPress Website Author URLsHave you ever noticed that WordPress makes you change the permalink structure with everything? This, of course, creates SEO-friendly URLs, of course, great for search engines. They are also broken down into short links. However, the fact is that you cannot customize WordPress URLs at the main control panel.

You can choose the URL by editing the slug of posts, pages, and categories directly from the dashboard.

Author slug, URL and base, cannot be edited without using additional tools. With this tutorial, it will show you how you can easily customize the slug along with the URL using the great plugin.

What is the URL slug and what is the URL base

Put simply, slug is the public view page title in WordPress formatted for use in URLs.

We will use proper names with this example.

In this example, jeremy-holcombe is the author slug, when the author base is Author.

Now, you want to change the author slug or the URL base for some reason. Now learn how to do that.

Customize Slug and URL base

To do this, look for plugins that provide this option. In the example below, I found a great plugin called Edit Author Slug.


Basically, this plugin gives you full control of the user permalinks on your side, you are allowed to change the author's base and author slug (default author username). So, with this plugin installed, you will be customizing the author URL with you the way you want.

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Install and activate Edit Author Slug LIKE

First, install and activate the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.


Once the plugin has been installed and activated, go to Users> All Users, then click the edit button below any username.


Custom author Slug

Scroll down and you will see that the plugin activation has added Edit Author Slug to the user settings page. You will see options, including the option to set the custom author slug.


From here, choose any options you want or create your own custom slug. Once you have made your selection, click the update user button at the bottom of the page to apply the changes.

Custom author basis

Click Settings> Edit Author Slug, to access the correct plugin area.


Once on this page, you'll see several different options, including the option to customize the author's base to whatever you like.


Finally, the option of Create Auto Slug Authors is available to you if you want to use it.


Issues and SEO redirects

When you customize your WordPress author URL like this, you have to consider the SEO issues that might come with it. This is also the case when you make any kind of permalink change.

With that said, you want to consider making a few redirects with the WordPress author URL that has been changed by customizing the slug, base.

To do this, simply use the Redirection plugin and follow the simple steps needed. This will ensure that your SEO side stays intact after making the entire URL change.

Final thought

Author Slug, facility at WordPress Website is now easily customizable with the steps above. Just do it and redirect properly, the author's URL will be displayed as you like.

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