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How to install Slideshow with MetaSlider in WordPress Website


How to install Slideshow with MetaSlider in WordPress WebsiteDo you wish to create a high quality WordPress slideshow? Unfortunately, WordPress lacks this feature by default. However like most things at WordPress, there are plugins available. With the Plugin, you can customize every part of the website in a new and unique way.

In conclusion, plugins are the best part of the platform.

The MetaSlider plugin will help you build the perfect slideshow. It is optimized for ease of use, SEO is also the most popular slieshow plugin on WordPress with over 900,000 active installs.

Here, we will show you how to create a WordPress slideshow using the Metaslider plugin.

Why do you need more Slieshow at WordPress?

While the written content is the website side, the image is still very valuable. However, adding more images to your website will have some negative consequences, such as slower loading time, forcing visitors to scroll down a lot.

Slideshow fixes these problems.

Slideshow helps you display lots of images without increasing the length of your page. This makes it convenient for visitors. It is also convenient for developers. Instead of having to find the location on your website to add photos, they are all in the same place.

This gives you more time as a developer.

Slideshow is also very convenient to display product images. For example, on the product page, you create slideshows related to different images on the item you are selling. It's a great way to display information, looks very professional.

Install MetaSlider

Start by selecting the plugin and then click on add in the left admin panel.


Search MetaSlider at the box available. That will entail useful plugins.


Scroll down to the MetaSlider plugin, click install now to activate, use.


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How to use MetaSlider

MetaSlider is easy to use when creating slideshows and the best part is that it is free to use. This plugin fully supports Guttenberg, which is allowed to be added with viewing slideshows at the same time. This makes it easy to find the perfect party location at post or page.

You insert many slideshows in the content and interface to help people easily perform. The first step involves actually creating the slideshow.

If you chose to turn off the Gutenberg editor, you add it to the visual editor using the shortcode. You can also use shortcodes at Gutenberg, but don't recommend doing so because the blocking option is much easier.

Create Slideshow

On the left admin panel, click on the MetaSlider option. This is the place to come to create or edit any Slideshow.


Click the button to add a new slideshow at the top.


The first thing to do is name the slideshow. Then select all of your Slideshow at your block by choosing a name. So if you create 3 slideshows and leave the default names, you will see the new slideshow. It is really confusing, a waste of time.

Click the new Slideshow tab to rename it.


Click on the option to add Slide. This will open the media library where you add the images you want. Repeat this step to add as many slides as needed.


Now you add information to each image. This includes captions, titles, and alt text. This is found on the general tab with SEO.

The crop tab helps make simple cropping with 9 options. This is a very basic cropping tool, so it is recommended to make sure the image is cropped properly and sized before adding.


Once all images have been added, it's time to choose the type of slider as well as the size and effect. There are 4 sliders with 18 effects to choose from. The sliders, the effect you choose is entirely up to you.

However, for image size, you should try to make it the same size. This will avoid any unnecessary cuts and will look more professional if everything is about the same size.

When you're done editing the slider options, click the Save button.


Add a Slideshow

Now that you've created the slideshow, it's time to add it. Go to any existing post or page, or create a new post.

Create a new block or click an existing block. Click on the + + icon and choose the MetaSlider option.


Use the drop down box to select Slideshow. Remember, you will see Slideshow names, which is why it's important to name them.


Done, I have successfully added my slideshow to WordPress. Use the preview button to view it on posts or pages. However, if you want to add a slideshow to the sidebar, you'll need to use the widget.

Add Slideshow widget to the sidebar

The sidebar is displayed on every page on the website, so it's natural to fill out useful information.

The MetaSlider plugin also adds a Slideshow utility to make it easy. Although, you will need to make sure that the slideshow you add is the proper size beforehand. Otherwise, it will not be attractive.

Navigate to the widget area of ​​WordPress and find the MetaSlider widget.


Add a title and select the slideshow you want to display by the drop down list. Click the Save button when you're done.


This is a great way to display products or attract attention from visitors. This will cause them to consider other information you have on the sidebar like a new website or social media icons.

Enhance content with slideshow

Images are powerful tools when creating content. However, too many images are added that interrupt the page speed, distracting the reader.

Although many images will work well with some websites, some content should not be overloaded.

How did you find the MetaSlider plugin? Why are you adding slideshows at WordPress?

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