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How to use Theme Customizer in WordPress Website


How to use Theme Customizer in WordPress WebsiteAll newer updates on WordPress now have a customizer theme. With this, you are allowed to work on certain aspects of the website with an easy to use interface. Theme Customizer Website WordPress you can change something and see the results in real time before you publish.

Most of the updated WordPress themes have a newly integrated Theme Customizer. Even the entire theme available to Gutenberg has it. This is also allowed more freedom when there is any type of coding knowledge.

Through this article will show you how to use theme customization in WordPress and then make the most of it. Of course, you still have the option to make changes and updates to your website by clicking through to a certain section.

However, using the Theme Customizer will save you time.

Where can I access the WordPress Website Customizer Theme?

As stated above, WordPress theme customization is now a very easy to access default feature.

To access the Theme Customizer, log into your WordPress control area. Once you are logged in, click Interface> Customize. This will bring up the Theme Customizer area and get you to work.


If you have other themes installed on your website that are not working, your WordPress Web Customizer Theme is also previewed.


How to use Theme Customizer in WordPress Website

When you access WordPress theme customization, you will see two things. On the left side of the screen, you will see all available options and areas that you have customized. On the right, you will see what a live preview of your website looks like.


Regardless of which thread you're running, this is what the interface will look like when using customization. That being said, the number of options available on the left side of the Theme Customizer will vary.

Some themes offer more customization options than others.

To change certain areas of the website, you need to click on the control panel you want and the flyout menu will appear. From there, you will make changes and view them in real time before you publish.

Consider the options panel is always there as the default theme customization side on WordPress.

Website identity board

The first available table is the website identifier. If you click on this panel, the fly out menu will provide you with the following option:

  • Website title
  • The slogan
  • Website icon

You will see that in customization are few default headers. You can change this to whatever you want by clicking on the relevant section and then making changes. As you do this, you will notice the changes so you see what they look like.


You will also see the website icon area. To use, just upload the logo you want and place it on. Website icon is a small graphic is the brand on your side, displayed on the browser. They are also called Favicons, there are many different ways to create them and then add them to your WordPress website.

See more: WordPress maintenance plugin

Color board

Again, the number of different color options available will be based on the Interface you are running. In this example, only the color option is changed.

When you click on the WordPress Website Layout customization palette, the flyout menu will show you all the available color options.


Choose your side option and change your side color as you see fit. There are color options along with other text as well.

Table photo title

The header image panel is just that. You are allowed to change the title image or logo image in most cases. For most, not all, the WordPress theme will also help you know the size of your image will work best when uploaded.


Table header image will help you see the image currently there. To change it, just click the Add new image button. You also have the option to hide images and use alternative text.

Control panel & navigation panel

Customizing The WordPress interface gives you the ability to create entire menus and then place them in the navigation area provided by any theme you are using. This makes it easy to handle everything.

When you click the menu board, you will see some items by default. These include:

  • Menus
  • Create New Menu
  • Menu Location
  • View Location

At the “Menus” function, click on the menu you have created to see what's there and edit it.


The fly out menu will appear then you will see what is available to edit from there. You rearrange the menu or change the location if you want.


If you want to create a new menu from the WordPress Website customizer theme, just click the create a new menu button.


You will be given several menu options based on your theme. Just name your menu and click right away to add links, menu items and anything else you want.


Click on “Add Items” and you will be offered more options, based on what is available on the subject and what you have built on your website.


Widget panel

WordPress Website Customizer helps add, remove and customize widgets without having to switch to the widget page in the admin area. When clicking on the widget panel, will be presented with the widget area available on the theme.


To edit a widget, click the widget location. Then, will be taken to the area to add widgets. Click the button to add a Widget button to get started.


When you do this, another menu will appear showing all of the available utilities that you currently have. To add functionality, just click on the gadget you want to add, plug in the relevant data and save.


Control panel settings homepage

This is quite simple, with WordPress Web Customizer Theme. From here, you can choose the page you want to display for your home page.

By default, WordPress has set it to the latest post. However, if there is a specific page you want to display, clicking on “A static page” will be given the option to select any existing pages created to display as the homepage on the website.


Additional CSS tables

The last default control panel available at the WordPress Web Interface customizer is the CSS dashboard. The control panel provides a CSS editing area where it is edited and adds custom coding to your website.


This area works well if you are familiar with custom CSS and how to write it.

Things to remember about Theme Website WordPress Customizer

You want to keep in mind a few things when using Customizable Themes in WordPress Website.

You can see what your website will look like on different devices by clicking through the control options located on the bottom left of the customization.


There are also a few custom WordPress themes you like. These are called submission Create site and extremely popular in the last few years. They have many functions and most people use them.

The best page builder I recommend is Elementor.

I hope this article has helped you see how easy it is to customize the WordPress Website customizer theme to quickly adjust the entire area of ​​your website.

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