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10+ Competitor Analysis Tools In SEO

With SEODO, Analyze the opponent is an important activity of devising a sound SEO strategy. Then Manual change analysis in SEO for what?

Competitor analysis is research, analysis to understand your opponent, after analyzing you can understand what your opponent is doing, how they optimize the website, how their offpage is … The analyzed data, we can set a specific goal to rise above the opponent, beyond having an appropriate strategy even though the opponent is also doing very well SEO.

In this article SEODO will introduce 10+ competitor analysis tools in SEO SEODO Most often used. Each of the tools here has different characteristics, so you should depend on your industry and your needs to use the appropriate competitor analysis tools.


Ahrefs is a very popular tool in the SEO world of Vietnam, surely every SEO brother has used this famous software. Ahrefs is known as the largest backlink data storage software and also the best backlink research tool today.

Not long ago Ahref implemented a set of reports for competitor analysis, which will show you a list of competitors based on the number of related keywords:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

However, do not rely too much on Ahref to evaluate your competitors, the data from Ahref is only relative data. Remember that most of us are SEO on search engines is Google, to know the most accurate data, you can only go to the Search Console of the opponent only, but this seems impossible.

To organize data more accurately and in order, Ahrefs removed large websites from the system such as Quora, Google, and Apple. This will definitely improve our accuracy in the process of analyzing opponents via this software.

If you are still not satisfied with the keywords that your website has, you can use the Content Gap function. With Content Gap, we can get more keyword ideas from many competitors (taken from Competition Domain) that our website doesn't have:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

In addition to the above, you will be surprised by what Ahref brings. And surely, SEODO will have an article to dissect all the functions that Ahref is available so that the SEOer brothers can maximize the role of this software.



This tool was founded by Marcus Tober in 2005 and mainly focuses on competitor analysis. After a few years, Searchmetrics began to shift its focus to the business market.

As the influence of content on marketing is growing, Searchmetrics focuses on content analysis rather than SEO. So with Searchmetrics, you will be able to analyze your competitors in an overview of Marketing.

Searchmetrics Suite will give you a better idea of ​​the keyword rankings in the website:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

On the screenshot below, you can see Searchmetrics showing the competitive landscape of Search Engine Journal including Google, YouTube and Wikipedia:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

Another great feature of Searchmetrics is that this tool will automatically filter long keywords based on related keywords and put them in a separate tab:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

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Just like Searchmetrics, SpyFu has been around for a while specializing in providing data on competitive analysis in SEO.

Many people still think that finding a competitor is a simple matter, but it will not be easy if your market is a complex market. With SpyFu you can find your main competitors very easily.

Below is a screenshot showing competitors of the same domain that we analyzed using Searchmetrics. Obviously, SpyFu is much more accurate and detailed:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

Through the SEO overview tab of SpyFu you will find a great feature of this software that few have, which is SpyFu shows how the competitor's keywords have fluctuated over time. certain time. This can give us a better understanding of the opponent's development in recent years:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO


Ispionage's analytical data is more special than other tools as it divides Google into a search engine for its own analysis, and similar for Bing and Yahoo:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

Unlike SpyFu, the list of top competitors in iSpionage is not well organized:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

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If you visit G2Crowd, you will find SEMrush is the leading SEO software for small and medium businesses.

SEMrush supports an expanded database of 131 countries, which is huge data that few tools have.

The following photo will mention SEMrush's impressive results, after researching the Search Engine Journal website:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

Another interesting feature is the SEMrush dashboard that displays the ratio of unbranded to branded, search queries and traffic from brand keywords over time:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

SEMrush can display the topics of the competitor's website, and the number of keywords on the TOP of each competitor's topic:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

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The strength of this tool is to provide a very visual comparison of many different competitors. This helps you to gain an overview of many competitors in a short time:

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

SERTstat also displays the order of the pages in the website based on reputation and traffic to the website.

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

In addition, this tool has some quite interesting functions such as automatically updating keyword rankings by date, Check the onpage website with very high detail.


BrightEdge is an enterprise-class platform that provides many great features for tracking competitors.

This tool shows the variation of your competitors' keywords.

A special feature of SEO X-Ray is that it tracks search history and identifies competitors that you didn't know before so you can take preventive solutions.


SimilarWeb is a well-known tool for analyzing website traffic.

This tool displays quite a bit of detail about the sources of access to the website, including the percentage of website traffic from different sources (Direct Traffic, Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic, ….):

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

The tool also shows which keywords are the keywords that bring the most hits to competitors, knowing this we can see where are the most potential keywords that we need to invest in the near future. next.

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

Also SimilarWeb will also show competitors on a group of keywords instead of a keyword like the manual.

Analytical Tools Competitors In SEO

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Alexa is an Amazon tool, this is a great tool with Alexa rank. However, many SEOs are skeptical about the accuracy of this index, when the Alexa rank has been suspected many times in the past.

Currently, many brothers still rely on Alexa to evaluate the quality and ranking of the website. But in fact, I have checked on hundreds of websites, have noticed a general rule that the Alexa Rank will decrease as website traffic increases continuously. So now to have a website with good Alexa Rank is also quite easy.


Quantcast once had a comparable product to SimilarWeb, but about a year ago, they decided to eliminate the solution that made their name to specialize in creating reports for customers based on data sets. Available materials of the company.

This tool is suitable for enterprise level customers who want to see audience data sets based on what is happening in their market.


Conductor is a tool to retrieve keyword data sources from SEMrush.

Conductor allows you to see the market share of the competitor you are analyzing by showing both the current situation and estimating the potential growth of your competitors.

Above are the Competitor analysis tool in SEO The world's most popular SEODO has aggregated. Hopefully, with these tools, you will analyze your competitors better, have a better view of the market, to come up with suitable SEO strategies.

Doan Kien / Founder SEODO

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