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15 apps + website creating Intro for Best Video HAS BEEN REVIEWED

For consumers who watch over a billion hours of YouTube videos every day, the market will become increasingly crowded.

YouTube creators need all the help they need to stand out, it's a professionally edited video trailer that can make a difference for you.

I have reviewed the 15 best introductory presentation makers to help you get started with the Video Marketing process.

What is the Intro Video (Trailer) or video introduction?

A video trailer is an introductory clip at the beginning of a video that provides a snapshot of the format of a brand. These clips often contain company logos, cartoon graphics and music with strong effects. While these may only last a few seconds, all you need to get your customers' attention and help your business stay in touch with your audience.

Video trailers are increasingly popular with YouTubers, and if you want to make a mark in a field, creating a compelling trailer will help viewers connect content with your brand. . Let's also take a look at these special video trailer examples, from which you can see how to create a standard video trailer and gain a large number of followers in the marketing process.

Dude Perfect

Fans of movie-shooting tips and tricks will probably know the Dude Perfect channel, which perfectly sums up their video's vivid personality by providing some live action sequences related to their topic. and reveal the vibrant futuristic logo part.


TED Talks may have been around since 1984. But only when truly on YouTube did the show become popular around the world. The graphic introduction video is simple but effective in conveying the 'Spread the value ideas' feature of this program.

5-Minute Crafts

With 57 million subscribers, 5-Crafts Crafts is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world. Their way of presenting videos is a combination of traditional motion animation and still life animation to illustrate authentic information about their craft tips.

15 applications + website create Intro for Video

Whether you want to personalize your YouTube content or develop a branding intro video that gets your business noticed, you need the right tools for this job. Thankfully, there are countless online trailer creation tools that eliminate the hassle of starting the trailer creation process.

1. Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 is a potential trailer creation software that helps you create eye-catching trailers using a variety of custom filters, overlays, transitions and titles. The most attractive feature of Filmora is the flexibility and diversity of features. The intuitive and user-friendly interface is fully integrated with features and helps you drag and drop video clips and effects into your editing timeline. One of the best features is probably the super-sharp 4K quality, green screen synthesis, improved post production including filters and sharp audio tools like removing background noise and weighing scales. by sound.

On the other hand, the video export process may be slow. Filmora 9 is available as a free video download, but your exported videos will have watermarks. If you want to create videos without watermarks, there are two separate paid plans to choose from: lifetime packages for a one-time fee of $ 59.99 or an annual subscription of $ 44.99.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a presentation maker for mobile devices and desktops from the software giant just behind Photoshop. Spark is advertised to social media creators who want to create valid video clips without taking too much time. That's the main advantage of Adobe Spark: fast. Connecting intros is easy with drag-and-drop clips and icons before adding a piece of music or even your own voice. Surprisingly, Spark does not integrate particularly well with other Adobe products and the cost of paid packages may not be very suitable.

Adobe Spark is available for free, but severely limited in functionality. For example, you won't have access to premium models, you won't be able to use your own logo, and watermarks will appear in all your videos. So sign up for individual and group packages, so you can use all the extras and get technical support, both starting at £ 10.10 per month. Features are also fully available with any Adobe Creative Cloud package.

3. Animaker

Animaker is a free demo maker used by more than three million people and over 1,000 brands worldwide. Animaker boasts the world's largest animation library and allows you to create vertically optimized videos for mobile devices. The interface is simple and easy to use so Animaker has become a great introduction for novice filmmakers. Features include professional-level cameras and transition effects, as well as a host of background music and sound effects, the ability to directly record or import your own voice and soundtracks. .

Because Animaker is a web platform that uses Flash, you may find your editing experience slowing down if you don't use the latest hardware. The free version helps you create an unlimited number of two-minute videos that you can upload to YouTube in SD quality. However, you can only export five videos per month and are locked out of premium features like custom fonts. Plus, all your videos will have watermarks. Paid subscriptions range from $ 12 / month for Individual plans, up to $ 39 / month for Business plans.

4. Renderforest

Renderforest helps you create high quality trailers in just minutes. One of the best as well as the worst features of this video trailer maker is actually completely web-based. On the positive side, you can create your trailer no matter what device or operating system you're using. The downside is that you cannot work quickly without an internet connection. Renderforest lets you choose a template from a huge portfolio of over 50,000 video trailer templates that you can edit and personalize in minutes with fonts, logos, palettes and background music.

Renderforest has a free bundle that allows you to create an unlimited number of 360p videos, up to three minutes long. So they will have watermark and you will be limited in choosing a number of tracks. Paid subscriptions from £ 12 / month for the Amateur plan let you create up to seven five-minute HD720 videos every month without watermarks.


OFFEO is a free demo maker for successful designers among us. The specialty of this maker is the sheer number – we're counting thousands of templates – graphic elements that you can use to create truly explosive trailers. OFFEO provides a true aesthetic quality for all design elements, from symbol drawings to high quality image archives – everything you need to create an impressive introductory video is available at here. OFFEO templates are carefully grouped into categories such as your introduction, end, logo or business area. This makes project creation simpler and easier.

OFFEO offers you the option of a free trailer creation package with the same functionality as the $ 19 one month premium plan but will have major limitations. Your video will be of standard quality with half the resolution and additional watermark, you will be limited to three projects (not limited to the paid version) and you will not be able to access many options. about music, fonts or colors.

6. Panzoid

Panzoid is an introduction maker and online community that specializes in custom content creation. Don't be fooled by the under-invested interface and the lack of aesthetics that misunderstand what this free demo maker offers you, you will be surprised at the high level of customization. that this production process brings. You can do your project from scratch or choose a limited number of templates created by the Panzoid community. The Panzoid editor is very simple to use but the extremely basic layout looks a bit outdated.

Panzoid has a free version that includes watermarks, but its paid plans are quite reasonable, starting from $ 1.99 / month for the Jumpstart package. For a paid plan, you get 360 credit credits per year and three months of video hosting. On the other hand, the Professional plans give you 6,000 annual credit repayments and unlimited storage for $ 11.99 / month.

7. Wideo

Wideo is an intro maker with some handy tools for creating instant demo videos. Some of the best things about Wideo is that you can save your favorite scenes (such as your logo animation) and easily reuse them on all your videos. You can also customize your video with over 100 templates, countless fonts and colors, depending on your brand. Wideo also allows you to save your videos into folders to organize or download in full HD and MP4 mode.

The downside is that you need an internet connection to use this web-based demo maker, with a complex interface and limited templates, so registration fees are hard to compare accurately against platforms. other. With a lot of software, it is cheaper to buy the Wideo annual subscription plan, while the introductory package costs $ 19 / month. This package includes 10 video downloads of 1 minute per month and 20 optional video templates. A free 7-day trial is available on all paid plans, but downloads are not included during that period.

8. LightMV

LightMV is a cloud-based demo maker that helps you tailor your photos and video clips into quality and professional introductions. The strength of LightMV is simplicity. A clean, clear archive of professional video templates categorized by fields or events that make project-tuning easier. You can create full HD videos easily on all your devices and upload them with just one click. As with other web-based demo makers, you will depend on an internet connection to use LightMV.

LightMV is a free demo maker, but you'll be hampered by watermarks and limited features. You can sign up for the VIP package from $ 4.99 / month, billed annually. This package not only eliminates watermarks but also allows you to download your videos in 720p HD, produce two videos at the same time and add up to 100 photos at the same time.

9. MotionDen

MotionDen helps you create particularly vibrant introductions using buffers from pre-made professional templates, which is undoubtedly the tool's strongest recommendation. The templates are organized into logical topics, like Ecommerce or YouTube, so you can quickly choose the right template for your segment. Simple and easy to use, the custom editor lets you revise text, colors and music that should be backed up to create an intro within minutes.

Trustpilot reviewers report that MotionDen may be vulnerable to video corruption and delay. MotionDen does not require a credit card or trial period and allows you to create up to five videos with their entire video sample portfolio. However, your video will be watermarked. To remove watermarks and publish HD quality videos directly to YouTube, you need to pay $ 9 per video or $ 39 / month.

10. Flixpress

Flixpress is another cloud-based demo maker that allows you to create a video trailer quickly and with minimal hassle. One of the main advantages of Flixpress is that you don't need to download a huge file to use the features of this tool. You can do it online in just a few minutes and use the simple features. Although the internet connection is a bit of a hindrance, you can use this tool on any device and different operating platform. Flixpress allows you to create preview videos, which can add royalty free background music from the extended audio library. The minus point is that the overall interface of the tools and websites is a bit old.

While Flixpress has features available as a free demo maker, the features of the free version are severely limited. You only create videos of 2 minutes in a month, a watermark inserted, 15 templates and 360p video quality. Subscriptions are priced from $ 0.83 / month for an Annual Personal plan up to a price of $ 79.99 monthly for Business plans. All of them get rid of watermarks, enable 1080p video quality, and provide a sliding scale for video duration and sample.

11. Bitable

Biteable offers an introductory production software that can help you 'create a masterpiece in minutes". It was a shocking statement, but it was endorsed by 4 million people. Bitizable has a range of video templates to use, all of which are grouped according to the genre of video you want to produce and the forum you want to upload (e.g. YouTube or Instagram). The main strength of this tool is speed and ease of use, with a simple interface that helps beginners can get acquainted quickly. On the other hand, templates are not updated as often as you would like, and currently there aren't any square format templates for Instagram users.

While acknowledging that Bitizable works as a free demo maker, the options are extremely limited with watermarks and no monthly download feature. Annual subscription starts at $ 20 / month for Jumpstart. This package eliminates watermarks and allows you to download one HD-quality video each month, access 85,000 clips on Shutterstock and own commercial use rights.

12. Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal could be a tool you are looking for if you plan to create a recurring introduction. This web-based video trailer maker is used without problems when having to subscribe to a paid subscription service. That case is considered valid for Tube Arsenal's largest asset capital for a recurring presentation production. Tube Arsenal boasts an impressive range of templates for you to use. Some of them have many similarities with the popular pop culture introduction, like the DreamWorks character in the introduction to the moon. The templates are tagged quite logically and are filterable, so you will find your top pick easily.

Tube Arsenal's drawback is the lack of relative customization. In addition, if you plan to create a regular introduction, prepayments will be added. Speaking of which, a custom 720p introductory video costs an average of $ 9 and requires an additional $ 4 to turn it into 1080p HD format. This is one of the few demo makers that doesn't offer the free version.

13. Placeit

Placeit is an introductory producer supported by Envato; The world's leading marketing market for digital assets. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Envato video demo maker creates a great creative tool, with a library of over 20,000 classified templates for you to adjust and a bunch of tracks to record. Sound on your video. You can add your logo, slideshows, music, photos and videos to each design template. With a simple and logical interface, Placeit has provided a demo maker that requires users with little or no previous editing experience to create a quality video trailer.

Unfortunately, there are no free options here. You simply pay $ 9 for each introductory video. Or you'll get full access to all Placeit templates and get unlimited downloads with a $ 29 monthly subscription, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you choose to prepay for an entire year, you can save up to 71% on costs, which costs around $ 8.25 / month.

14. Ivipid

Ivipid helps you create quick and interesting intro videos for your social channels. While you can't create an incredibly engaging, professional video with Ivipid, what you get is a bunch of strange and eye-catching video templates – many of which mimic the introductions of studios. big in Hollywood, like the famous roaring lion of MGM. Using Ivipid is quite basic, done with a 3-step process from selecting samples, creating text and logos, then downloading the finished product to share. However, if you are building a trustworthy brand identity then this is probably not the introductory maker for you.

Ivipid has no free version. Instead, the tool works on a fairly complex credit system. Basically, the more you spend, the higher your referral video resolution will be. So for $ 1.99 you can buy 200 credits and you have a worthless 270p video – specifically about the lowest definition you can get. If you're willing to spend $ 6.99, you get the full 1080p quality.

15. IntroCave

IntroCave is an intro maker that provides you with hundreds of basic video templates that you can use to add your own content and download exported videos. These models are uniquely designed and closely resemble traditional logo style videos. These models are categorized by popular business area or over time. Depending on the basic video, you may only be able to import your logo, text (if you don't already have one) or both. IntroCave models have existing backup tracking, which you can change with your audio library, by uploading your own MP3 or WAV files.

Unfortunately, the IntroCave page is not as fast and engaging as some of the competitors listed here. The pricing system is also not immediately visible. You can create a standard, standard definition watermarked video without an account, but if you want to download and use it, you usually need to register and buy an HD copy of $ 5 to $ 20. .

The best free demo maker

To be honest, no free demo maker is particularly viable if you want to make a workable demo without watermarks. Of course not, they want you to pay for the service they provide. How can we blame them? But, if we had to choose one, we really liked OFFEO. Yes, the free version is limited but the whole interface and creative tools are really eye-catching. This is a video game production heavily tuned into popular culture and the creators of stunning digital assets for YouTuber (YouTube users) and Instagrammer (Instagram users).

The best paid demo maker

Although it may not come from one of the major software sources, Tube Arsenal has some great templates that you can easily manipulate to create worthy introductions for brand advertising videos or channels. My YouTube. We like the fact that you are not tied to the monthly subscription, you only need to pay for each demo video you make and do not add any cost to get full HD quality. If you need a quick, simple and affordable introductory video, Tube Arsenal is a great paid tool that you should choose.

Other alternative tools …

There is, of course, another option: hire a company that specializes in marketing services to make a video to introduce you to. While you begin to create something yourself, please consider all the above options, in the long run can be done professionally? By doing so, you know that you receive a professionally created video from industry experts. You won't have to worry about watermarks, sign up, or spend hours self-editing. If this is an attractive option, we can create a professional introductory video yourself.

In brief

Create an introductory video for your YouTube channel and promotional videos can work wonders to promote your brand. Our research shows that 87% of marketers are currently using YouTube to promote their businesses, which is needed to create a professional-looking video to compete. Successful completion of your introductory video can help develop brand awareness and essential brand familiarity.

No matter which introductory software you choose to use, make sure that it helps you create an introduction that highlights the personality of your company and embodies your brand value. All these tools are at your disposal, you can take your YouTube videos to the next level instantly!

If you're a YouTube creator and looking for inspiration, check out our content, about YouTube ideas and how to advertise on YouTube.

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