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5 Best website malware scanning tools - Most free

Are you looking for the best website security testing tool?

Want to make sure your website is completely free and has no security holes?

You are very concerned about website security without knowing what to do?

The following are malicious website scanning tools for you.

They are either free or for 14-day trials (no credit card needed).


Each tool alone will specify its highlights.

Make it easy for you to choose the one that best suits you.

Limit of webiste malware scanning tools

All of the tools below have their own strengths, but they are limited.

It will basically look like an outside person, watching and evaluating your website.

This allows them to find vulnerabilities that can penetrate your site.

However, if a malicious code is hidden deep in your server.

It will not be found.

To find malware this way, you may need a more specialized tool and it can scan all files on the server.

So do not worry too much, if your website does not scan anything.

That is not a 100% guarantee that your website is eating.

I want you to really understand what these tools are doing.


Sucuri SiteCheck is one of the famous free website scanning tools.

Usage is also very simple, just enter the URL and you're done.

Surcuri SiteCheck will check:

  • Scan for malware found on your website.
  • Virus.
  • Does the site get into Blacklis?
  • Error on the website.
  • The software has not been updated.
  • Malicious code.

Remember that it cannot scan malicious code completely, because it actually scans the file set on the server.

After that, there will be a list of the conditions you have passed.


Or security tips you can improve.

If you use WordPress, please install Sucuri Security WordPress plugin it's free.

There will be more useful information than this web version.

It also has a scan specific to WordPress, like monitoring the entire WordPress core.

Both Sucuri SiteCheck and the Sucuri Security WordPress plugin are 100% free.

But Sucuri offers a paid firewall / security service, if you want more proactive protection.


  • Very easy to use.
  • 100% free.
  • There is a free plugin for WordPress.


  • The scan results are not as detailed as some of the other tools

Go Sucuri SiteCheck


Observatory is a free website security testing project from Mozila.

The company behind the browser is very famous Firefox.

It integrates all its own tests.

As well as some 3rd party integration testing like SSL Labs.

I originally planned to include SSL Labs in this list, but it is in the Observatory so I will skip it.

Feelings after use: "This is the most detailed tool on this list"

Website will be evaluated in detail in 4 parts:

  • HTTP Observatory
  • TLS Observatory
  • SSH Observatory
  • Third-party Tests

As soon as you look at the results page, you will find it very confusing.


Don't worry, each of the results will link to a page to explain the meaning in detail.

You will take some time to understand them clearly.

But with that pile of documents, it'll help you understand what's going on, and it's very detailed

Finally, Observation is 100% free.


  • Evaluation results are very detailed
  • Has integrated evaluation results from 3rd party tools like SSL Labs
  • 100% free
  • Full detailed documentation


  • Reviews are hard to understand if you are using them for the first time, it will take you time to get acquainted and read the document.

Go Mozilla Observatory


This is a “heavy” tool and it costs money, but everything has its price.

Detectify will help you scan 1500+ security holes including: CORS, OWASP and Amazon S3's Top 10.

The scanning method of Detectify must be said to be very unique.

With more than 150 white hat hackers carefully selected.

Contribute to building up this automated scanning system.

So it has the most detailed scan quality of the tools on this list.

But it will cost you a relative fee ($ 60 / month).

You can test it out with a 14-day free trial (no credit card needed).

To get started, you will need to verify your site first.

However, it is quite simple, like you install Google Analytics (like adding meta tags, uploading files …)


  • Ability to scan security reports in detail (1500+ vulnerabilities).
  • Very unique scanning method.
  • Run security scans on all your pages, (usually only scan the URL you enter)
  • 14-day free trial without a credit card.


  • There is no Free package.
  • The cost is quite high.

Go Detectify


Looking at many names you will confuse this is just an SSL provider.

But they also have a tool for scanning website security.

It will rely on huge data storage of 3rd parties to scan:

  • OpenPhish.
  • Google Safe Browsing.
  • Sucuri SiteCheck.
  • Opera blacklist.
  • Avira.
  • Comodo.
  • Etc.

This tool will test your website through a total of 66 different services.

However, except for the SSL test, all other tests are just evaluations pass / fail.


For you will not be able to know the details of the problem if encountered.

According to Hawk, you don't rely on this tool for evaluation (should be used as a reference only).

Should incorporate a few tools that can scan all files on the server.



  • Test website through 66 different services.
  • Very easy to use, the results are easy to understand.
  • SSL test results are quite detailed.
  • 100% free


  • Except for the SSL test, all other results are only pass / fail level

Go SSLTrust


WPScan is a WordPress security vulnerability testing company, sponsored by Automattic.

The big man is behind Woocommerce and

The special thing about this tool is that it focuses entirely on WordPress.

Meaning it is very effective, if you are a WP user.

But it will not be a good choice if you use another platform.

In my opinion, you should use other tools in combination with WPScan.

Currently the source code of the tool is available on GitHub, you can freely install it on the server (if you believe it).

If you find it too difficult to install, as well as setting …

Please use WPScan free plugin directly at

There are 2 very good options for cloud service:

  • – This is an “offical” cloud service proposed by the provider (free scanning per month / fee for daily scanning).
  • WPSec – 3rd party services from Triop AB using WPScan code with some own algorithms. You can scan yourself anytime you want.


  • Check for holes in WordPress core, Theme and Plugin.
  • Usage is diverse (installed on server, cloud scan, plugin).
  • It's free (if you want to scan daily, it will cost you).


  • Only scan vulnerabilities for WordPress websites.

Go WPScan

So what is the best website security scanning tool?

Finally, you should use the tool above.

Surely the answer you are looking for right?

Here are 2 tools I recommend:

If you don't have a lot of cost, WPScan is a very good choice if you use WordPress. Combine more WordPress security tips, I think it is very good for small and medium websites.

If you are managing a relatively large website, have a stable revenue. Don't be afraid to invest in security for it Detecfity (expensive but iron out pieces).

The above tools are mostly free (enter the URL and wait for it to be done).

So you are free to use and test the website without fear of fee.

If using WordPress, please refer to:

Top 5 best Security plugins for WordPress (2020)

If you have any questions, comment below!

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