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6 best gaming phones in early 2020 - Knowledge sharing blog

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Hello everyone, it's me again ^^!

As you know, the past year can be said to be an extremely exciting year of the Smartphone market in general, and Gaming Phone phones in particular.

But in the context of this article, I just want to share with you the most powerful Gaming phones today. As for flagships, see you in another article.

And right now, without saying more, I will sum up the best gaming phones today. If you are looking for a good phone for gaming, let's take a look at some of the samples in this article!

# 6. Redmi K20 Pro

Standing in 6th place is the Redmi K20 Pro, the reason I ranked this device in 6th place is because this K20 Pro is really a big hit in Xiaomi's 2019 (Redmi's parent company) ).

Redmi K20 Pro-min

Try to remember, in the past few years – in the mid-range segment, we can only buy smartphones with mid-range chip.

Perhaps the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 was an exception at the time, but to be honest this is not really a good machine, when it has too many shortcomings.

As for the Redmi K20 Pro, it is different, it's too good in price range and uniform in all aspects.

As for Gaming on this phone, we will have a lot of support, for example, the device is equipped with Snapdragon 855 chip, AMOLED screen is wide, and without any defects … should bring Great Gaming experience in its price range.

Regarding the design, it can be said that the Redmi K20 Pro has done very well in terms of finishing materials, we will have a 2-glass design, accompanied by a metal frame.

In general, if you want to find a smartphone with strong gaming performance in the mid-range price, and beautiful design, not flawless design, this K20 Pro is probably not a bad choice for you. .

And in the period of late 2019 – early 2020, the Redmi K20 Pro is very good price, only about 7.5 million that we can own one.

# 5. Black Shark 2 Pro

At No. 5 is the device from Xiaomi, which is the Black Shark 2 Pro.

Black Shark 2 Pro-min

This machine also has many similarities with the Redmi K20 Pro, that you will have an extremely fragrant price compared to the performance that it brings, only about 9 million price range.

More specifically, we will have a more powerful Snapdragon855 PLUS chip than the Snapdragon 855 chip on the K20 Pro, and comes with UFS 3.0 internal memory that will give us faster data read and write speeds, and Of course, the game experience is also more wonderful.

In addition, with this Black Shark 2 Pro, we will also have a very high touch frequency, up to 240hz.

The design of the machine is also very Gaming, very pit with RGB Led strips of different types, generally this will be a best gaming machine in the price of 9 million.

However, why Black Shark 2 Pro is only ranked 5th in this chart, I personally think this device still lacks a few good points that make up the highlight of a Gaming Smartphone.

For example, it lacks a Trigger key to be able to play shooter games like PUBG Mobile, and the battery capacity is also just 4,000mAh, quite small compared to other Gaming Phones.

# 4. Nubia Redmagic 3S

Next, we will take a look at the fourth ranked machine that I think it has all the elements to create a great Gaming Phone, which is the Redmagic 3S.

Nubia Redmagic 3S-min

Redmagic 3S is truly the most interesting Gaming Phone in 2019, when right inside the machine is equipped with a small fan to be able to dissipate heat when playing games for a long time.

And personally, after a period of experience, I can also see that the efficiency of this fan is huge, and I think if next year this machine can improve it, it will surely be a future norm in Smartphone Gaming series.

Another highlight is the device is also equipped with Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, and the screen has a high frequency of 90hz, have Trigger key … that's the factors enough to make a real Gaming phone.

# 3. Oneplus 7T Pro

In third place is the Oneplus 7T Pro, although its design is not a Gaming Phone but it is a phone with all the elements to create a great Gaming experience. .

Oneplus 7T Pro-min

We will have a very good 90hz screen, accompanied by a Snapdragon 855 PLUS chip, UFS 3.0 high-speed internal memory.

So, in terms of gaming performance as well as the screen with a scan frequency, it will give an extremely Gaming experience.

If you want a phone with a beautiful design, good performance camera, luxury and occasionally used for gaming, Oneplus 7T Pro will meet that demand.

Currently the price of this device is about 13.5 million, or if you want a better price, we can consider the Oneplus 7T (remove the word Pro: D)!

#2. iPhone 11 Pro Max

In second place is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I do not have too many points to share about this phone, because perhaps you are not new to Apple products anymore.

iPhone 11 Pro Max-min

Overall, when it comes to iPhones, it can be said to be at peak performance, with the Apple A13 Bionic chip really powerful and very well optimized.

And as you all know, when we play games between two devices running iOS and Android, the iOS products always produce a nicer, sharper, smoother graphics. Even the top chips on the Android side can't be compared.

It could also be because the game is more optimized for iOS!

So, with this latest generation iPhone, there is no reason why its gaming ability is ranked lower than Android smartphones.

#first. ROG PHONE 2

And finally, ranked at the top of the table, you can guess it, right? Yes ! That is the Rog Phone 2.


With the Rog Phone 2, we will have a lot of support for gaming. There are all the elements to create a gaming phone, such as extremely beautiful design with RGB Led strips, accompanied by an extremely impressive owl eye logo, creating a unique and very aggressive character. Rog Phone.

We will have a product running Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, UFS 3.0 memory, extremely terrorist battery capacity (6000mAh), accompanied by it has a 120hz scanning frequency.

Furthermore, Rog Phone also supports a lot of accompanying gaming accessories to increase the ability to play games that are multifaceted, much more diverse than the regular Gaming Phone.

And that's also why Rog Phone 2 deserves to be at the top of the list of the best gaming phones between late 2019 and early 2020.


Above are the best gaming phones I want to share with you today. What do you think of the above gaming smartphones?

Do you agree with the above ranking position? Please leave your comments below. See you in the next article 🙂

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