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A lucky former miner accidentally found 1,000 BTC, BCH, BSV dug 10 years ago on the hard drive and sold before the dark Thursday.

A former Bitcoin miner accidentally stumbled upon an old wallet containing 1,000 Bitcoins, along with many corresponding coins that were forked from Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV.

Thread on the Bitcointalk forum

On March 10, a topic was posted Bitcointalk By a newbie who first returned to cryptocurrencies after a long hiatus, he was seeking advice on accessing an old Bitcoin repository.

Forgetting is a way of getting rich

The user named “whoamisoon” said that he had mined some Bitcoin 10 years ago using a GPU and located the file named Wallet.dat and saved it on USB.

I forgot it until today when I accidentally found it again when I pulled out the USB device.

Whoamisoon sought advice on how to move Bitcoin for sale, and asked if they kept the same amount of Bitcoin Cash in their wallets and how they could be sold.

This person was surprised to find out that he could access a myriad of forks, he wrote:

I didn't know there were so many forks! Great! Love it!”

1,000 BTC from 2010 sold before the dark Thursday

Later that day, 1,000 Bitcoins mined on August 24, 2010, were identified as being transferred to Coinbase – leading many to speculate that these coins could belong to whoamisoon.

1000 BTC moved since 2010 is believed to be by whoamisoon | Source:

On March 12, the user returned to thank the forum members for helping him find his Bitcoin bonus:

Thank you all for the help. It was a great return and the best welcome can get! Please continue!

The analysis suggests that whoamisoon may have liquidated his BTC before March 13 – meaning he sold coins in the range of $ 7,500 to $ 8,000, or $ 7.5 million to $ 8 million. The value of the BCH and BSV forks, respectively, will give him an additional $ 500,000 to the account. But if he didn't sell before the dark Thursday, he'd have lost more than $ 2 million to date.

Red-haired Spring

According to Cointelegraph

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