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At least 6 people attending the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris in early March confirmed to be infected with Covid-19

So far, at least six individuals have been confirmed positive for corona virus after attending the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris earlier this month.

The number of people attending the conference is huge

Some people attending the recent Ethereum conference in Paris said they were infected with corona. It is not clear how many people may be infected. The Ethereum conference is held in Paris from March 3 to 5, and has a large audience.

According to Twitter user @oskarth, four individuals attending the conference showed positive results. However, when replying to his tweet, at least two other people confirmed they did. And the actual number could be in the tens, if not more.

Given that the conference lasted three days, it seems that many people are currently infected. As a user writes, it may be safe to assume that many of us have confirmed ourselves there and isolated ourselves.

Vitalik Buterin argues that the cryptocurrency market is immune to Corona

Just two weeks ago, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum's co-founder announced he was satisfied that the cryptocurrency market was not related to the corona virus.

I checked the cryptocurrency chart a few days ago and it feels like the rally will continue and otherwise the price will drop. That prediction seems to have proven to be true. I don't think the cryptocurrency market cares about corona virus.

However, by March 12, 2020, the panic led to Bitcoin's collapse, leading to the highest daily decline in Bitcoin history.

According to Charles Edwards, who heads Capriole's investments, the cryptocurrency market shows such a terrible correlation with stocks and gold only in periods of extreme fear or greed. That said, the next bull run of the cryptocurrency could be as fast as its recent flash crash.

Many Conferences on cryptocurrencies will have to be postponed or canceled

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 infections, many of the future cryptocurrency events have been and will be postponed. To be honest, the recent Ethereum Community Conference doesn't need to be organized. This is the time when the cryptocurrency space will lead in decentralized their workplace. Now is the time to work remotely.

With the rapid spread of the corona pandemic, it seems that the upcoming Consensus conference will also not take place. Consensus is the largest blockchain-related conference held annually and is scheduled for May.

The market is reacting very negatively to the Covis-19 pandemic. US stocks moved from an all-time high to a bear market in just 16 days. Bitcoin has suffered the worst day ever on Black Thursday, a possible indicator of whether it will come to the financial market in the future if this virus crisis is unchecked. Some analysts think we will see a big boom after the corona pandemic is resolved, but the future is still uncertain.


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