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Binance again "unscheduled maintenance," rejected OKEX's offer of assistance, and blocked CEO Jay Hao

Binance confirmed that it is testing its margin trading feature

Changpeng Zhao – co-founder and CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, rejected the public offer of rival exchange CEO OKEx – Jay Hao, in dealing with the suspension. The latest Binance.

On March 4, Binance notification that they have started unscheduled system maintenance. At the time of writing, this process has been completed.

As a result of the maintenance, Binance “suspended deposits, withdrawals, spot trading, margin trading, P2P trading, lending, as well as transferring assets from sub-accounts, margin accounts, accounts. future and fiat wallet ". Meanwhile, futures transactions are still operating normally.

CEO OKEx: Do you need help?

One tweet sent by Changpeng Zhao explaining that the sudden maintenance move was due to a message broker malfunction. Jay Hao – CEO of trading platform OKEx, already reply tweet:

"Hey CZ, technically Kafkalaf a system of message queues (message queues) to log in, it is not enough for the trading system so brokerage issues will always occur. You need help?”

Apache Kafka – the software that Hao seems to be referring to, is a software that provides high throughput and low latency in the processing of feeds in real time. However, he said that the software Binance uses is not the right choice for real-time trading systems. Hao told CoinTelegraph that with his company's experience, Kafka is not a technology for high-frequency trading systems.

According to Hao's tweet, the design of the exchange will lead to many incidents. Zhao did not respond to Hao's offer of help and – according to one tweet then CEO OKEx, CZ blocked him on Twitter. He said:

"It seems my help has been denied immediately. I think Changpeng Zhao believes that the blockchain community is open and free. My error.”

However, Hao told CoinTelegraph that if Binance is willing to disclose this issue details to OKEx, then they will be happy to share their experience with Binance.

The latest issue among many at Binance

Binance users have experienced a series of performance issues on the trading platform over the past few weeks. In fact, on February 19, the exchange suspended trading for about half a day for unexpected maintenance.

Unexpected maintenance visits are not the only problem on this common platform. In February, Binance users also suffered from interface errors and timeout for API transactions due to overloaded middleware service. In addition, a number of other exchange customers who are unable to execute orders are regularly retested immediately, resulting in an overload of Binance's infrastructure.

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According to CoinTelegraph
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