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Binance suddenly stopped working, traders worriedly stood still

Nearly an hour has passed, Binance has not been active yet, previously created a great fear for traders when they could not place orders. Many people suspect a hack may have occurred, and the market will collapse under a “Black Swan” scenario.

Renowned cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter Michal van de Poppe requested a statement or confirmation from CZ.

Is there any news about the Binance exchange being frozen? It has been 15 minutes already, Poppe wrote, adding a tweet later that his data showed that the BTC / USDT trading pair did not confirm a trading spot or data for fifteen minutes.

Others echoed these concerns, noting that other cryptocurrencies have also stopped trading, as well as other parts of Binance's product list.

Trading on Binance is freezing | Screenshots

Binance CEO reassures users

However, according to an update from CZ, the exchange was suspended due to a message broker problem, before adding that his team is fixing the problem. Currently, nearly all services on Binance have been suspended.

Binance has suspended deposits, withdrawals, spot trading, margin trading, P2P trading, lending, and asset transfers between accounts.

Although some people were worried about the security of cryptocurrencies stored on exchanges, later, CZ confirmed that this was not a fund issue, he stressed, the Fund was SAFU (funds are SAFU).

Last month, Binance unexpectedly undergone unscheduled maintenance, which was reported to fix order errors on Futures. CZ must constantly tweet to reassure users that no hacking has occurred. However, after the floor recovered, the coin price was sold off, the market dropped sharply, swept away most of the entire February profit. This time, will that continue to happen?

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