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Bitcoin News Today (March 11): Stock below $ 8,000

Bitcoin news
Bitcoin news

Not yet to return

After breaking through the threshold of 8,000 USD, the price Bitcoin The past few days have not recorded any recovery and the digital currency of the past 24 hours is still moving below.

Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours, the price of bitcoin moved in a tight range, the lowest recorded at $ 7,745 and the highest at $ 8,159 – according to Coindesk exchange rates.

Today's bitcoin exchange rate (March 11) recorded at 9:35 am at $ 7,943, up 0.41% from the previous 24 hours.

The capitalization of the bitcoin market remains around $ 144.90 billion, with Bitcoin's market dominance (market share) at 64% – according to the BTA's bitcoin exchange rate (

Bitcoin exchange rate

On the market, there have been 75/100 cryptocurrencies rising over the past 24 hours.

Overview of the cryptocurrency market

Although the green color has returned on the majority of cryptocurrencies, the recovery in the past few hours is insignificant and nowhere compared to the sharp decline at the beginning of the week.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

The total market capitalization of digital currencies continued to plummet, recorded at 9.35 billion USD 226.68 billion, with no significant adjustment compared to the previous 24 hours.

Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies

24-hour trading volume on the market decreased to US $ 139.53 billion, down US $ 27 billion compared to March 10.

Along BTA review the news available in the day, the content in the article will be updated as new news ..

The corona virus makes the London blockchain week empty

The last London blockchain week was affected by the Corona virus. Many international events were simultaneously canceled and many did not move until the fear of Covid-19 was over. Event organizers adapt to this by organizing events online.

WoWork Blockchain Labs is scheduled to present in the evening at Canary Whorf on March 9, but also move to a live stream instead of live event.

Canada considers tracking steel with blockchain

The Canadian regulator has recently approved funding for two blockchain companies, Peer Ledger and Mavennet, to create a platform for tracking iron and steel with blockchain, according to Ledger Insights.

Canadian Agency for Innovation, Science and Financial Development (ISED), the government agency responsible for conducting research and development for small and medium enterprises, sponsoring both 150,000 CAD CAD companies.

Peer Ledger and Mavennet will begin testing digital tracking capabilities for the entire iron supply chain using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

According to Statista, Canada produced more than 13.4 million tons of iron in 2018 alone. The platform will be able to control and share real-time information of supply chains in the national metal industry.


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