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Bitcoin news today (March 15): Is Bitcoin no longer 'digital gold'?

Bitcoin news
Bitcoin news

Adjustment continuously

The bitcoin price in recent hours has continuously recorded many new adjustments and many other digital currencies in the market also fluctuated constantly with large amplitudes.

Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours
Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours

The lowest bitcoin price recorded in the day was at $ 5,076.86.

Today's bitcoin price recorded at 11:15 at $ 5,191, down 6.53% from the previous 24 hours.

Bitcoin's market capitalization dropped to 94.96 billion USD, the market dominance rate (market share) of bitcoin is at 63.7% – according to the BTA's bitcoin exchange rate (

Bitcoin exchange rate
Bitcoin exchange rate

On the market, there are 85/100 cryptocurrencies at market value discount compared to the past 24 hours.

Overview of the cryptocurrency market
Overview of the cryptocurrency market

In the top 10, cryptocurrencies fell from 6 – 11%.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization
Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

The total market capitalization of the digital currency market declined slightly, recorded at 11:15 at 149.62 billion USD, down 12 billion USD from the previous 24 hours.

Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies

24-hour trading volume on the market dropped sharply, recorded at 119.68 billion USD, 105 billion USD lower than on 14/3.

Along BTA review the news available in the day, the content in the article will be updated as new news ..

Is Bitcoin no longer a 'digital gold'?

Bitcoin loses the appeal of a safe haven asset this week. The world's first and most widely held digital currency has dropped 50% in the past few days.

Rheo metric words CoinDesk, Bitcoin, commonly referred to as “digital gold,” fell more than 30% on March 13 and reached its lowest level since March 2019, below the $ 4,000 mark while the week's beginning was still above $ 9,000. .

The bitcoin price then recovered to about $ 5,400 when the US market closed. Meanwhile, bitcoin futures are in their worst week since launching in December 2017.

The digital currency traded near $ 10,000 in February and its price began to slip as the global market slumped due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Bitcoin exchange rate
Bitcoin price has been decreasing continuously for the past 1 month (Source: CNBC)

“The recent price movement of bitcoin is mainly due to the corona virus's rapid spread affecting the global market and prompting investors to transfer their holdings of cash to increase safety,” said Joe DiPasquale, the company's CEO. BitBull Capital digital money investment.

He added:

“With this drastic reduction, bitcoin's ability to act as a safe haven asset is questionable, but we believe it is still too early to consider the correlation between bitcoin and other types of assets.”

The price of bitcoin plummeted on March 12, when there was a selloff in Wall Street this week.

It was the worst market day since the collapse of the “Black Monday” in 1987. Stocks surged on Friday afternoon (March 13) after stimulus packages from governments. countries in the world.

Other digital currencies also fell this week. The world's second largest digital currency Ethereum dropped 46% during the week while Ripple dropped nearly 40% in value.

Outlook on the storm season market

After the event on 13/03 (Friday), the market has sideway (sw) in recent days as an opportunity for investors to calm down. Thinking about what to do in a calm manner.

The price of BTC bottom when it fell to 3800 and the recent alttop price is almost equal to the bottom of 12.2018. That is when our brothers should consider buying bottom fishing, if it collapses again it is considered as a throw away (anyway this game hignrisk is too high, played it must be accepted).

Currently, maybe the funds, the big ndt is killing nAfter all, we are mosquitoes, watching also risk being seriously injured by the impact.

So keep watching, not at this time because the price of USD is quite high, take 25-26-27-28k.

Corona is happening quite complicatedly, Europe is an outbreak with over 5000 new cases a day (updated on March 16). Spain and Italy blockade the country, perhaps soon will be France, Germany, …

The happenings of the market next week are quite harsh, can be further reduced, maybe sw because Europe is pumping out a sum of money to say it is unprecedented, huge to save the economy. So I can't judge what BTC will be like.

As for myself, I have only 30% to catch, and I have been swinging like many other brothers. I will wait for usdt about 237-24, the lower the better, the 30% of that is available on usdt.

Then wait for btc or dump a retest 3800-4000 then buy or if not dump then buy it when it goes sideways for a long time to DCA continue, then throw it away.

If it collapses again, it is considered to bury it always, this game must determine the psychological loss, so only play in their own capital, do not borrow, do not use money invested by others.

And finally, this is not investment advice. Just for you to have a look and reference, not encouraged to follow.

Cyber ​​security alert with Covid-19

Hackers are increasingly looking for victims using websites or apps that provide coronavirus-related information or services.

DomainTools, a network security risk research tool, has discovered that the site has installed a ransomware called “CovidLock”.

The site entices users to install an Android application to update news on COVID-19, claiming to notify users of any SARS-CoV-2 infection with a heat map.

Once installed, CovidLock will lock the screen of the infected device and request payment of $ 100 in Bitcoin in exchange for a screen unlock password and return control of the device to the owner.

If you don't pay for 48 hours, CovidLock will delete all data on your computer, including contacts, photos and videos.

The Italian Red Cross opened a digital money-raising application against Covid-19

The Italian Red Cross and the Colli Albani Commission are raising funds in bitcoin and other digital currencies to combat the Corona virus with Helperbit support, as announced on March 12.

The money raised from the campaign will be used to set up a second-level clinic for suspected Covid-19 infections in the country, and is expected to meet the goal of 10,000 EUR to purchase the required medical equipment. infrastructure for here.

The remaining money will be used to cover expenses for health-related personnel involved in the project.

Regarding the use of blockchain for donations, Mr. Bruno Pietrosanti, chairman of Colli Albani Committee, said: "We believe that creative fundraising tools like bitcoin can help us find the necessary economic resources. It is very difficult to achieve in this historical time ".


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