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Compare Weebly with WordPress: Which platform is right for you?


Compare Weebly with WordPressAre you a website builder?

Have you recently changed traditional coding techniques to use web-based tools to create your own website?

For a competent web developer, time and complexity from the details are the only two barriers in personal website development.

With the advent of reliable managed cloud storage services, overnight website design and web application hosting have become a common habit for developers. Nowadays, websites are all about design, content, placement from visual elements. To accomplish this goal, web developers are based on a variety of web applications including Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, etc.

WordPress is the most popular CMS used to create websites. However, Weebly has gained considerable popularity in the world of web development quite quickly. It provides a more complete, user-friendly interface with scientifically arranged drag and drop capabilities. Weebly is truly a creative platform, but it lacks the resources and customization capabilities of WordPress.

Before presenting a comparative analysis of both web applications, let me introduce them both really quickly!



Weebly is a powerful, reliable online service that makes it easy to create a website with little experience. Weebly provides a simple drag and drop interface, highly intuitive. To use the platform, all you need is an account on Weebly. Next, choose whether you want free or paid, choose a domain name! Now you are a Weebly user.

At Weebly, you create a great looking website without the hassle of cryptocurrency. Using the mouse, you create an attractive website that combines images, product information and slideshows. Whether it's a business portfolio or a personal website that shows interest from you, Weebly has a specific interface to it all.



WordPress is by far the most famous open source CMS in the world. It is estimated that it provides more than 25% of websites over the internet. Powered by nearly 60 million websites on the internet, WordPress has now gained specific recognition among web developers.

What is the reason for this special recognition? WordPress is very powerful, high reliability. In addition, there are a variety of themes and plugins implemented, supporting almost every function you think of. Optionally multiple sites that link several websites to the admin panel.

Weebly compared to WordPress

With the popularity of the user base on both platforms, choosing between them is no easy task. However, for real developers, the following discussion points are essential:



At Weebly, you can change some HTML, CSS with your website, but not all. Customizing your website design is limited because Weebly is not an open source website builder. The downside is that you can't integrate non-Weebly tools at your website or create features that work differently from what Weebly designers imagined.

At Weebly, the core function is out of bounds to the general public. Although it would be detrimental to the developer, that would not be troublesome for non-tech professionals who don't want to ruin the code. With Weebly, you are sure all the tools provided and maintained by the Weebly team will work without any problems and the downtime will be minimal.

As far as WordPress is concerned

As mentioned before, WordPress is the creator of open source websites. If you want (knowledgeable enough) to play with code, there's plenty of freedom to modify your website with built-in tools. You have full access to the web application functionality and a large repository of plugins to choose from to make your website the way you want it to be.

However, WordPress is open market to all so this is likely to be the worst! There is really no control over the quality of plugin themes. The good thing is that the large market on WordPress has created a great community, with high feedback around it, will receive immediate support in case of a problem.

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Easy to use


If you are a new user who doesn't like coding or has no web development skills, Weebly provides a drag and drop website builder. Just drag content and style onto the screen, then move them around without hassle with encryption. The tool at Weebly is intuitive but selectively available. To use the complete range, you must purchase the premium version.

Compared to Weebly, WordPress presents serious challenges. There is no separate drag and drop builder, so content placement is mostly based on the design template you choose for the website. To arrange the website layout, you (or a web developer) will need to dive into CSS code with PHP code. However, here's the good thing about WordPress: if you know the basics of PHP, you convert your website into a website that looks much nicer that anything Weebly has to offer.

E-commerce and business


Weebly brings you an online store equipped with very basic and limited features. When customizing the store, you can't do much due to design restrictions and functionality from it. In addition, you have to pay 3% more for each transaction, which means you have to choose a third-party payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe or customers have to pay an additional 3% transaction fee for each purchase through Weebly. -Store store. However, to remove the transaction fee, you buy the business package from them for $ 25 / month.

On the other hand, WordPress is the ideal platform with your own e-commerce website. It provides powerful WooCommerce or WP Ecommerce plugins to manage all aspects of store management. You can add coupons, customize receipts or more. In addition, with no additional transaction fees, you can easily use any online payment platform you choose.

Mobile data


When using Weebly, you download the website as a zip file containing only pages, HTML images. If you own the website, you want to enter it into your desktop or another domain, that's not possible. If you own a website that contains sliders, they don't work at the destination. In short, it is difficult to export Weebly website while retaining all the interface and functionality.

Exporting data is quite easy at WordPress, regardless of the format on your website. Usually, the export process depends on the XML file which greatly reduces migration problems. Moreover, you can easily migrate your WordPress website to any other platform without much hassle. This particular freedom makes the web application popular at WordPress.


Weebly is a great platform for newbies looking for an easier way to launch a small website. However, it cannot be considered an ideal solution. You cannot create a high-traffic website or an online store there without having a headache. Attractive, friendly online website tools help you design the interface you want, but it will not work well, especially for those interested in long-term businesses.

On the other hand, WordPress offers the freedom and flexibility to build the website you want. In addition, it is also not limited to providing a rich collection of themes and plugins. This means that you can create your website the way you want, using the tools provided by the studio to help develop community commerce.

The choice from us will always be WordPress because with WordPress we do more with the website, then we choose Weebly. Hopefully, the article is useful to those who are still wondering how Website creation only me.

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