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Contracoin - Global real estate trading platform | Money Blog

What is contracoin

Contracoin is an ambitious project of Contracorp Limited; owner and developer of Contracard.

Since its inception in 1992, Contracard operates as a global B2B trading platform and provides a leading trading market via the Virtual Barter network for its members. For the past 20 years, Contracard has been deeply involved in global real estate marketing and sales, and aims to use these in-depth experiences to introduce the international real estate industry of Blockchain and Crypto technology. chemistry.

Over the past 20 years, Contracard has been heavily involved in the global real estate business. Contracoin real estate projects will benefit from the relationships in the global commercial market of Contracard – links with trade associations, international chambers of commerce, barter exchange service companies and even members and their customers.

Currently the global trade exchange network is considered a well-developed lucrative service and has more than 500,000 members. The wide coverage of the system is shown by the following parameters:

  • Accounting for more than 65% of the total companies listed on the US Stock Exchange
  • Accounting for more than 65% of the assets of 500 companies worldwide and more than 30% of total businesses worldwide.

The process of developing real estate Contracoin

– Year 2017:

• Conduct international real estate market research based on real estate brokers and dealers.
• Grasp the interest of real estate business brokers for real estate marketing through Contracoin and receive payments in cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency).

– 2018:
• Building a database of real estate brokers and dealers interested in marketing real estate through Contracoin.
• Research on how to integrate the global Contracard Marketplace platform into the Contracoin platform.

– Year 2019:
• Q1: Start a search to collect quality real estate data in Australia for listing on international real estate platforms.
• Q2 & amp; 3: Continue searching data for properties in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, and Asia.
• Q4: Integrating with many international real estate platforms operating globally.

– In 2020:
• Q1: Contracoin is listed on major exchanges and integrated with global real estate brokers.

Benefits of Contracoin

Contracoin tokens backed by the Ethereum platform will help streamline foreign real estate transactions and overcome obstacles in sending and receiving money across borders. Investors will enjoy more benefits by eliminating the complicated processes from banks and the high fees often seen in real estate transactions in the international environment.

The application of Contracoin's decentralized ledger technology will help transactions be approved and verified quickly, while improving the security through multiple layers of validation of Ethereum nodes. Moreover, the use of Blockchain technology will allow investors to trade Contracoin tokens anywhere in the world at no cost in just a few seconds.

Reasons users should invest in Contracoin

Contracoin's use of Blockchain technology with decentralized nature will escape interference from third parties from the central to holding transaction records, ledger storage will be implemented through many nodes on. Many different computers contain information about all transactions. Therefore, Contracoin's global real estate platform will benefit from the many features associated with Blockchain technology.

1. Improve security

Blockchain relies on encryption technology to validate transactions by identifying all parties involved in the transaction. This ensures that “incorrect” transactions cannot be added to the blockchain without the consent of the parties involved. In addition, unlike centralized systems that use single point of control, eliminating this single centralized point reduces the likelihood of hacking transactions. Therefore, the Contracoin platform will bring real control to the user and ensure that the money used in the transaction will be difficult to hack.

2. Improve transparency

The use of decentralized Ethereum platform helps synchronize transaction data between investors before being added to the blockchain. Therefore, parties to the transaction on Contracoin's system will access and see the same data; thereby showing improved transparency among users. While in other centralized systems, the entire database is hidden behind a firewall, so investors can be more secure knowing where the money is.

3. Reduce the human intervention and the possibility of human error

In real estate purchases and sales on the Contracoin platform, transactions using P2P encryption will be handled through decentralized escrow services, such as smart contracts. So for every transaction on the Ethereum platform, clearing and settlement will be automated and eliminate the possibility of human error.

4. Increase efficiency

In many cases, duplicate data is still kept in multiple parties. However, when data related to the same transaction conflicts, it will lead to the need to re-authenticate transactions between different parties which is very time consuming and costly. Contracoin's use of a distributed database system minimizes manual re-verification, thereby saving significant operational performance.

5. Minimize costs

Traditional forms of international money transfer cost a high transaction fee, regardless of the amount of transaction money, coming from clearing costs from banks and financial intermediaries. By using Contracoin's blockchain technology and tokens, these costs will be greatly reduced, as no intermediaries impose that fee.

Information about Contracoin (CTCN)

Token Name: Contracoin

Token code: CTCN
Token Type: ERC-20
Number of token digits: 18
Contracoin token contract address: 0xFD6C31bb6F05Fc8dB64F4b740Ab758605c271FD8
Function: utility token
Total Token: 100,000,000
Number of Token in circulation: 19,000,000
Softcap: 2,000,000 tokens
Hardcap: 40,000,000 tokens

Allocate Contracoin tokens

Contracoin will keep 30% of the token in an escrow deposit reserve for 12 months and will be sold to buyers at a later stage when the demand for token ownership increases. The amount of tokens for founders and partners / advisors will be kept escrow for 12 months. Any tokens that have not been sold during the ICO period will be added to the token reserve.

How to own a Contracoin token (CTCN)

Contracoin has been listed on CoinBene since February 12, 2020, can deposit from February 13, and can withdraw from February 14.

Update information on the latest CTCN

To learn more about Contracoin and CTCN tokens, you can refer to the information below:

Contracoin Site:

Contracoin White Paper:
content / themes / contracoin / whitepapers / Contracoin-Whitepaper-English-031219.pdf

Block Browser:

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