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Crypto News March 10: Bitcoin will grow due to record low U.S. Treasury profits with news of Ripple, Tether, Poloniex,, Bittrex, BitcoinVN, Okex, Kraken

From the point of view Bitcoin will explode when the profit of the US Treasury reaches a record low to BitcoinVN to buy Ginero. Here are some highlights from the crypto market.


Bitcoin news

According to renowned portfolio manager Ari Paul, Bitcoin prices can explode based on their correlation with U.S. Treasury yields.

BlockTower Capital's co-founder and CIO made comments about the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies compared to U.S. government bonds. Paul noted that the lower yields on U.S. Treasury bonds made it less attractive to investors, which made Bitcoin an attractive alternative.

Bitcoin has no connection to the US stock market

Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise Invest, has confirmed that Bitcoin has nothing to do with the US stock market.

Horsley tweeted that the S&P 500, which is one of the stock market indices, recorded on March 9 would correspond to the 41% decline of BTC based on volatility. history of these two types of properties.

However, in the past 24 hours, the price of BTC has only decreased by about 5% and only by 0.5% since the beginning of today.

Bitcoin may rise in the near future

Before books, computers, the internet, people looked at the stars, the sun and the moon to make some predictions in life. The calendar is developed based on Earth's orbit and time. Everything in space follows a cycle. The planets orbit the sun and orbit the solar system.

Some great traders, like the legendary W.D. Gann, who regularly uses astrology as part of his analysis, has been extremely successful using such methods.

A crypto analyst who used theories based on Gann's early teachings, discovered an unusual correlation between the “backward” Mercury and the massive price increases of Bitcoin.

When Mercury goes back, it seems to move backwards through the night sky. This happens only three times per year. According to cryptocurrency analyst and astrologer, Bitcoin is very likely to rise in price as the event takes place.

Ripple news

Ripple is recruiting personnel globally.
The company is recruiting a variety of positions to help further develop the XRP ecosystem, as well as focusing on improving cross-border payment products and on-demand Liquidation services provided by Ripple.

One of all location manage marketing project at Xpring, Ripple's fundraising and development division focusing on XRP.

“Xpring is looking for experienced product marketing managers to promote our marketing efforts with the mission of identifying the company's important strategies.”

News Tether

Tether and Aave Protocol are working together to bring USDT into the new DeFi ecosystem. USDT is powering a range of DeFi loan projects. According to data provided by Aave, stablecoins also offer the best returns to lenders on the market, with yields of up to 12%.

The total market capitalization of USDT has more than doubled from about 2 billion USD at the beginning of last year to about 4.9 USD. Tether currently works on Algorand, Ethereum, EOS, Liquid Network, Omni and Tron. Stani Kulechov, CEO of Aave, said:

"USDT is the largest stablecoin on the market and it brings a huge amount of liquidity in the DeFi space. Together with Aave, this will help develop DeFi through loans and loans. "

Aave is a decentralized, non-custodial lending protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain and regulated by the LEND token. The fast-growing platform, supporting 16 different asset classes, is likely to have enhanced liquidity with the launch of Tether.

Poloniex news

The Poloniex exchange announced that, along with SimplexCC, the company has supported more options for buying Bitcoin with 19 different fiat currencies.

Customers can now buy BTC on Poloniex with their credit or debit card with USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, HUF, ILS, JPY, KRW, NOK, NZD, PLN , RUB, SEK, TRY and ZAR news

Today,, the leading payment and cryptocurrency platform announced that they have added XTZ to Crypto Earn, allowing users to enjoy the maximum returns of up to 6% on their deposits, given pay with XTZ. Individual users will earn profits of up to 8%.

In addition, sending and withdrawing of XTZ has also been enabled on the Application.

News Bxz

Bxz said it has worked closely with the Chainlink team to identify vulnerabilities and integrate superior solutions to enhance the overall security of the system. This is to prevent the recurrence of the attack on February 18, 2020, in which users used a flash loan to manipulate the oracle network on the liquidity chain, far exceeding the actual market price. to gain great advantage on margin position.

Bittrex news

Bittrex Global announces the official launch of new products and features.

Accordingly, the exchange will support credit cards, set conditional orders on mobile devices as well as launch a referral program where customers can earn commissions by inviting new users.

BitcoinVN news

CEO Nguyen Tran Bao Phuong said that the leading Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam BitcoinVN has just “acquired” the P2P Ginero exchange, in a strategic step “to enhance decentralization of the current product segment and create steps. cushion to attract European market ".

The digital asset exchange P2P, Ginero has been merged into BitcoinVN, one of the earliest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges.

The acquisition will be conducted in full cash with a total transaction value of 5 BTC and BitcoinVN will hold 100% of the current shares of Ginero.

Kyber Network news

Kyber Network announced that Provable launched FPR (Fed Price Reserve) for pBTC token on Kyber Network at 9 am (GMT +8) on March 9, 2020.

The pBTC token will be accessible via KyberSwap as well as other DApps and platforms provided by the Kyber chain liquidity protocol, the most popular DeFi protocol in terms of number of users.

News Okex

Leading cryptocurrency and derivative trading platform, OKEx has end successfully completed the 7th Buy Back and burn program for the platform's original OKB token. The latest round started on December 1, 2019, until February 29, 2020, which saw the acquisition of approximately 3,183,344.61 OKB tokens worth nearly $ 17,500,000.

After completing the token burning process, the number of OKB tokens currently in circulation has decreased by about 3 million. In turn, this will reduce the supply and translate into added value for the remaining OKB tokens in circulation. According to OKEx, the “Buy back and burn” program has been running since May 2019 by spending 30% of transaction fees generated from the OKEx spot market in each quarter to buy and burn tokens.

News Kraken

Follow notification On March 9, US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken will begin to increase its activity in the Indian market, following the recent Supreme Court ruling of the country, lifting the ban. for the cryptocurrency market.

According to Kraken, its growth in India was hampered by the ban of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). However, they did not provide more details about the plan for this large market.

Other news

The SEC remains skeptical about the security token platform supported by TZero

The Boston Stock Exchange (BSTX) is still seeking approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Times Revision second against file October 11, submitted on February 19 and published on March 6, shows that security tokens will not play any role in determining ownership.

BSTX is an exchange platform, co-owned by Box Digital Market and tZero. Its goal is to become the first regulated exchange in the world.

The profile revealed that security tokens will have no impact on ownership, which is creating criticism from industry players.

Nogle invested $ 3 million in cryptocurrency company First Digital Trust

Yesterday, Nogle declare they have invested $ 3 million in First Digital Trust (FDT), the digital asset arm of Legacy Trust. The investment is for financial supervisors to develop their own crypto asset platform for the Asian market.

The payment platform for digital assets was set up in May. The platform could provide an alternative to the Asian market for the Silvergate Trading Network.

Initial offerings will be limited to traditional crypto and fiat assets. However, the FDT said it could expand the offering to include encrypted securities. Users will be able to send and receive digital assets seamlessly across Asia.

Canadian Blockchain companies are looking to track down the steel industry

On March 9, the Canadian government notification has approved investments for two blockchain companies, Peer Ledger and Mavennet, to create a platform for tracing steel origins.

The Canadian Department of Innovation, Science and Financial Development (ISED), which is responsible for promoting research and development of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada, has applied this measure, providing CAD 150,000 worth of capital for both two companies.

Ethereum-based securities company is valued at $ 40 million

Financial services giant Morningstar has valued the stock of US restaurant chain Fatburger, the first Ethereum-based stock to be ranked by the company.

On March 8, Fobes said Fatburger was valued at US $ 40 million by Morningstar, in relation to the securities issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Credit rating agency Morningstar, which started working on the blockchain platform for the debt securities industry in October 2019, is estimated at $ 117 trillion.

Morningstar is a global financial services company with its annual revenue of US $ 1.2 billion and a staff of 5,416 employees. On the other hand, Fatburger, has an annual turnover of about $ 8.8 million and with a staff of 503 people.

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