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Disable links and content on Edge Chromium New Tab - Knowledge sharing blog

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New Tab or New Tab is the first page that you will see when you open any web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari to Opera (of course, in the case that you have not set the homepage for the web browser. Please)

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (1)

Each web browser has a unique Tab page design, but it has one thing in common is that the development team has invested very carefully from design to feature. Because this is the first interface that users will see, but as you all know, the first impression is very important.

The Tab Page is where the development team comes with a lot of special features, where they exhibit the features of that web browser, so that when one looks at it, the user can immediately recognize it.

Yes, but it is because of such many features that it has contributed significantly to slowing down the speed when users open the Tab, but in general, what our users prioritize is still is the speed.

This is no exception for Microsoft's recently released Microsoft Edge Chromium web browser. So in this article I will show you how to speed up the opening of New Tab on Microsoft Edge Chromium by Turn off the content shown in New Tab of this web browser!

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I. How to turn off the content displayed on the New Tab of Microsoft Edge Chromium

To speed up the opening of New Tab, we will turn off some unnecessary components to load it faster. There are two ways we can do this:

Method # 1: Through the setup page

+ Step 1: First, open up the Edge Chromium web browser => then and click on the icon Settings (Gear) on the top right of the New Tab interface, then select Tùy chỉnh.

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (1)

+ Step 2: Then in section Hiển thị liên kết nhanh => please switch to Tắt. Set the switch to the left.

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (2)

+ Step 3: Next, in the section Nội dung then choose Tắt nội dung.

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (3)

Those are the 2 basic steps to help you speed up the opening of new Tab on Edge Chromium. Because when turned off these features, Microsoft Edge Chromium does not need to take time to download and display that information anymore.

Method # 2: Through the hosts file on Windows

In addition, you can also speed up the response for the Tab of Edge Chromium by the following:

+ Step 1: First you go to File Explorer by pressing the key combination Windows + E => Then paste the following address into the search address bar:

C: Windows System32 drivers etc


=> And open Notepad or Notepad ++ (if applicable).

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (4)

+ Step 2: After opening Notepad, copy and paste the following line into Notepad and save it again (choose File => Save is done)!

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (5)

+ Step 3: Open Edge Chromium, but if you don't see the new Edge logo, delete your web browser history by clicking dấu 3 chấm upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.

Or If you want to be faster, you can access this address: edge: // settings / privacy

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (6)

You click on the section Privacy and Service => then navigate to the section Clear browsing data => select Choose what to clear.

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (7)

Then you select the part to delete and select Clear now. (you can choose All Time at line Time range to delete all).

tang-toc-do-mo-new-tab-on-edge-chromium (8)

This is essentially deleting that web browser history, you can also use keystrokes Ctrl + H => then select Clear browsing data => and perform delete only.

II. Epilogue

Yes ! Those are the 2 easiest ways you can do it for you turn off content and news on the New Tab when you use the Microsoft Edge Chromium web browser then ha.

In addition to the 2 ways that I have just mentioned above, if you have any other ways, please comment below for your reference. Good luck !

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