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Falling in love, Nouriel Roubini joyfully declared Bitcoin "to have zero preventive value" when the price collapsed to $ 5.6k.

Dr. “Doom” Nouriel Roubini is having a happy day. Apart from the crashing stock market, Bitcoin price has dropped by over 25% in a 30-minute period.

Unsurprisingly, Roubini, a Bitcoin antagonist, had a jubilant victory on Twitter and claimed that the top cryptocurrency had completely zero preventive value.

Bitcoin dropped 33% last month (other Shitcoins 40% +) while US stocks have dropped about 20%, most likely today. So not only do cryptocurrencies not provide a hedge against securities; It actually falls more in risky assets. The Shitcoin galore has a fence value of zero!

Bitcoin had a very, very bad day

If Bitcoin did not miraculously recover before the close today, this investment would be even faster than it was in December 2018. More than $ 665 million Long orders were liquidated on the exchange. BitMEX transactions.

BTC price is trading at $ 6,100 on Bitmex | Source: Tradingview

BTC reached a daily low of $ 5,568, quickly touching its weekly 200-day moving average, arguably the most important support level.

As Roubini points out, the top currency lost 33% of its value last month. Therefore, the “safe haven” considered fair is even worse than the Dow.

Some altcoins are making it worse

Roubini also slams the door with altcoins, most of which are currently down more than 98% of their all-time highs.

Chainlink (LINK) has had one of the worst performance in the past 2 years, has now dropped by 41% and has fallen to 14th place. A flash crash caused it to drop to USD 0.0001 in a flash on the floor Binance terrified traders.

However, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is actually leading the ranking in the top 20 with a 44% slippage rate.

You can see the price of Bitcoin here.

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