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Fix Samsung S10 Plus error not on screen 100% OK

Samsung The S10 Plus does not screen This will prevent you from using the device any longer. Affect a lot to work and life of users.

Belonging to the top of the high-end phones, Samsung S10 Plus with high-end modern design has a sharp screen, ultra-sharp camera to catch the hearts of technology followers. However, besides the outstanding advantages, the Samsung S10 plus also makes users not disappointed by the error Samsung S10 Plus does not screen.

Fix Samsung S10 Plus error not on screen

Tips to fix Samsung S10 Plus error not on screen

This is a signal that Samsung S10 Plus is showing signs of damage that needs to be fixed. However, to be able to fix the error, you also need to know the exact condition of the damage on the device before going to repair, including the following damaged cases:

Fix Samsung S10 Plus error not on screen

  • Samsung S10 Plus screen does not turn on, even if you have the power on, the device is still numb and does not have any signal.
  • Samsung S10 screen is not up, the screen is black but when power is turned on, it is still notified when a message or a call comes.

The causes of the error Samsung S10 Plus does not appear on the screen

Samsung S10 Plus does not screen This could be due to the following reasons:

  • You accidentally dropped the phone and hit the hard object sharply, causing damage to the internal hardware such as main, IC, …
  • Unfortunately, your S10 plus gets into the water but does not handle it in time, so the water gets inside and damages the component.
  • You use the machine with high intensity continuously so the battery runs out of battery power
  • Software conflict errors caused by incompatible application settings or applications that contain malicious viruses.
  • Error Android operating system version error, no longer compatible with the machine
  • You have previously replaced the Samsung S10 Plus screen and have been replaced by a low-quality component
  • IC, main, power, motherboard of the device are broken during use.

Fix Samsung S10 Plus error not on screen

Guide you to fix Samsung S10 Plus error not on screen

Samsung S10 Plus does not screen greatly affect the user experience process. Therefore, finding the fix solution is always the most concerned user. So, I will share with you some tips to help you get out of the situation quickly:

  • You plug in the battery for about 20 minutes, restart it to see if the problem is fixed.
  • If the problem is not fixed, you must re-run the software for Samsung S10 Plus by:
  • Hold down the button simultaneously Source + button Volume up Until the phone vibrates, the Samsung logo appears.
  • The phone is in mode now Android recovery. You use the volume up key to move to the item Wipe data / factory reset, use the button Source to select this item.
  • Keep using the key Source to choose Yes > Reboot system now to complete the process.

Fix Samsung S10 Plus error not on screen

In case your computer fails the hardware, the above measures disable. At this point, you should bring the device to a repair center for a repair test. You may have to replace Main, replace IC, or Replace screen Samsung S10 Plus just overcome. Do not forget to choose a reputable professional center to ensure quality replacement parts.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City area, then come right away Fastcare center. I have repaired it here and feel the service is quite ok, the replacement parts are very good and do not see the risk. The center has 6 branches distributed throughout the district, you can choose the nearest address to come! Or have questions please contact the hotline: 18002057 for advice.

Wish you quickly overcome the error samsung s10 plus not on the screen !

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