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Guide to compress and decompress files .Zip, .RAR

Currently the need to store and share files is very large, so people have devised compressed files to meet this demand. In particular, file compression reduces the size of the file to save memory when storing or bandwidth when sharing via the internet. In addition, file compression helps us to combine multiple files and multiple folders into a single compressed file, so it is also very convenient when we share that file to others.

File decompression is a software that reads the contents of a compressed file and then creates the compressed files and files in the compressed file.

Types of compressed files

Currently there are many types of compressed files, but on Windows, the compression format. . Inside:

  • Compressed file format .Zip is a standard file compression format, supported by the operating system for compression and decompression without installing additional software. With this file type, you can compress and decompress without using software, or using 7-Zip software, Winrar if you want to support more features.
  • Compressed file format .Rar is an expanded compression format, developed by the company that owns the most popular compression and decompression software in the world Winrar. To compress and decompress files of this format, you need to use Winrar software, but you can also use 7-Zip software to extract files of this format.

Compress and decompress .Zip files without software

  • Advantages: fast, easy to carry out, no need to install software.
  • Disadvantages: cannot compress files and folders named Vietnamese, does not compress files or folders stored in parent folders named Vietnamese.

By default, Windows supports compression and decompression of files .Zip, to compress the file you just need to select the file (or files, folders) you want to compress and then right click Send to => Compressed (zipped) folders

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