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How to become a YouTuber: Detailed instructions for 2020 (15 steps)

In this article, you will learn how to become a successful YouTuber. We will give you 15 great tips and steps that will help you get started with a lot of advantages.

You've probably heard that it's no longer valid to start a YouTube channel? A lot of time people may think that there are many competitors in this market and you have no chance to compete with them.

What “sounded broken”. But really, right?

Wait, seeing the money from Google Adsense they make on YouTube, do you dare to say that YouTube is out of date?

This is the income with several tens of thousands of views every day from SEO
This is the income with several tens of thousands of views every day from SEO

Starting a YouTube channel is always a great idea as long as you have something valuable to give to your audience.

You can build a successful personal brand and even earn passive / active income from your channel. Just knowing some great strategies and rules, this will lead you to subscriber growth and maximum content access.

The 15 most important rules Become a successful YouTuber

1. Don't forge anything?

Many people think that becoming a YouTuber gives you more numbers in your bank account.

Building a channel is very responsible and you can't stop wanting, especially if you have a large following following you.

If you enjoy making videos, responding to comments below your YouTube videos, and getting subscribers, the money will be just a reward. People see if you're making your channel for them, or just for the money.

2. Expand the Channel Goals

There are lots of great videos on the YouTube platform and lots of poor quality videos. Do you notice it?

Needless to say, you need to stand out from the crowd and continue to create high quality videos with valuable information in your niche. Also, it's great if you plan and schedule the videos that will help you keep your goals achieved.

Although it's just you and your camera, you need to remember that this way, you're branding your channel. Be yourself and don't pretend that you are the other person. (Unless you've created a channel with the idea of ​​creating and developing a specific and developed personal character, who will be the main person in your videos.)

3. Planning to publish content

Just like the website. If Youtube you have to publish the table of contents by video, then website builders like me need to polish the words on the Website to retain readers. 🙂

If you already know what you want to become, plan every step you need to do.

Remember that you need to edit your video, so take some time for it. Don't think you will succeed every 15 minutes with YouTube, no, haha. Experts are tempting you to sell the course 😀

If you are afraid of the inability to edit videos, you can always hire a freelancer for this task. I recommend you try these platforms to find editors: and

Most read articles:

4. Determine your success with Youtube

Everyone has a way to define the words that YouTuber succeeds. You can also ask yourself the same question. Whether it's to do a full-time job, meet new friends, spread your valuable information and skills to the community, or just to have fun.

When you determine what a successful YouTuber is for you, you can achieve your goals more effectively.

  • If you have a specific brand, your success can be an ad on YouTube channel and its development. You can start by being recognized by more people.
  • Also, your goal might be to earn money to make a living and even become a celebrity, why not?

5. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are?

It is a fact that the most successful people in the world have their weaknesses. It is very important to find out what your weakness is and do not be afraid of it.

If you're going to discover that you don't know how to edit videos correctly and consider them to be your weakness, that's a great thing because you're motivated to learn how to make them and turn them into the strength of your yourself.

It is essential to find your strengths:

  • If you are good and have the right gardening skills, make it a great opportunity to start a YouTube channel about it.
  • If you have car repair potential and you feel strong in this field, start a YouTube channel about it. Everyone in the world can turn their strengths and weaknesses into success, with just a little effort.
  • … especially about your strengths, knowledge and other expertise

Do you see that strong point? If you at least understand what you're going to shoot and speak in front of the camera, chances are you'll get viewers and subscribers very quickly.

6. Complete the YouTube Channel registration

An incomplete YouTube profile may result in unsubscribes – easily! The YouTube platform is intuitive.

See instructions for creating Youtube from Google:

If you are creating a YouTube channel to promote your brand or engage with subscribers, you need to make your channel feel like inviting guests to sign up with an informal greeting, do not force others to subscribe to the channel. my youtube. It's like an offer, pressing means “Hey, my product is good, come in and buy it” … Something like that

In addition, you can create a great thumbnail that can show your audience what your channel is about – making great thumbnails essential.

People are more likely to click on videos with unique and high quality thumbnails, instead of crap images. Invest in appearance, which is an important thing to do.

7. Optimize SEO for Youtube

Just like writing great content, when you're creating YouTube videos, keep in mind that SEO is a must.

People are using YouTube to find new content and valuable information, so it's important to optimize your channel so people can easily find you.

Choose the right keywords and trends, of course, research first. Also keep up with the trends for videos.

8. Be consistent with your YouTube journey

It doesn't matter what kind of niche you are, as long as you always update the uploads and the type of videos, the topic.

  • If you are uploading vlogs daily, stay on this path.
  • If you're talking about gardening, don't start talking about how to build a doll house right away.

People are subscribing to your channel because they like the topic you're talking about and they trust you every Tuesday (it depends on your schedule) they will get a great video from you.

9. Focus on the main point.

You do not need to explain a few minutes on a certain topic when you can introduce a short 30 seconds and go to the main point.

Briefly explain what the video is about and then start your video. People don't want to waste their time, especially today, so be brief and get straight to the point.

10. Stay in your Niche (niche market)

First of all, think about the niche you like best. Then research that topic, learn the latest news and trending trends for it. This way, you have the ability to create new and new content for your channel.

Never change your video subject right away. This is the basis of your YouTube channel and you have to find out what audience you are targeting.

As I mentioned before, don't talk about gardening in one video and change the subject in another. Always be consistent and loyal to the niche market in which you enter.

  • If you love makeup and beauty, it's a great way to start a beauty channel on YouTube. This way, you will enjoy the fact that you need to apply makeup in front of the camera, film and upload it. In addition, people feel the excitement and motivation you are providing.
  • Some niche markets are highly competitive, and some are not. Find out how many YouTubers are active in your field of interest. It is best if you choose a segment that is in high demand but low in competition. It's hard to achieve this task, but when you do – success is yours.

11. Manage your channel

Be realistic – your subscribers are the basis of the channel. It is very important to treat them well, because they are taking the time to watch your video.

This strategy is great if you're thinking about how to be a YouTuber gamer. It allows you to talk to your subscribers instantly and engage with them.

Besides, Give a present! People like a small contest where they can win something, or a meaningful gift from you.

More importantly, try to answer as many comments as possible. Make some screams. In other words, give your subscribers something to bring them back to your Youtube channel.

12. Spread the brand

After a while when you get a lot of recognition for your brand name, you can create social media accounts and a website for your channel brand name.

Being a YouTuber, you're given a few things from YouTube, but creating your video site gives you complete control over what you're uploading and the structure of the site. If you optimize your site, you'll get more views on your YouTube channel.

13. Analysis Your Youtube channel

Learning from your statistics can help you reach higher goals and identify your type of audience.

This strategy will help you find out who and when someone is watching your video. It is a useful way to take advantage of your growing channel.

With this type of tool, you can analyze your keywords, topics, and audiences. With this information, you can manage when to upload videos and the types of objects to target.

As I said earlier, some topics are in high demand. For example, if you intend to talk about how to raise chickens, but there are no searches on this topic, this means you will not get an audience for this field. Research keywords or topics that are in high demand and try to include them naturally in your videos.

14. 200% effort

If you're thinking of starting a YouTube channel and any kind of vlog, give it your all.

All successful people love what they do; They dedicate themselves and achieve their goals.

Don't think about money in your pocket. Try to find out what you can tell people out there, what they can learn from you and how you can help them if needed.

15. Overcoming challenges

Why being a YouTuber can be a challenge for you?

Being a YouTuber gives you a lot of benefits, but it also takes a lot.

Back in 2009, no one knew that YouTube would become a huge monetization platform, so everyone uploaded videos just for fun and participation.

This may be a challenge for some, but try uploading videos without thinking how much you will get.

Moreover, an upcoming challenge may be vlogging in public.

If you're shy and not used to doing this, it might be uncomfortable to talk to the camera in public

In general, don't worry about that, because today many people understand what you are doing and will not look at you like you are from another planet. You may still have some looks, but they shouldn't bother you as long as you like what you do.

So, we discussed the 15 key points and the main rules you should follow to become a successful YouTuber, but we need to move forward and understand how the content is presented.

Becoming a YouTuber and having a channel is a big responsibility because if you succeed, you will be followed by a large number of people.

You need to understand that money is not the main factor; You need to enjoy what you are doing because then you will be able to succeed.

Summary of all steps:

  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and expertise
  • Learn SEO and Youtube Analytics
  • Eels are always interacting with their readers
  • Be persistent to build more trust with your audience and know what you want to say to them.

I hope that this informative article helped you and knows that you are ready to start your own YouTube channel. Follow these simple steps and enjoy what you are creating.

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