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How to copy files from USB to windows when the newly installed Windows does not recognize the USB

After installing Windows 7, 8, 10 from USB sometimes Windows will not accept USB and can not connect to the internet. This prevents you from installing any necessary drivers or software. This guide will help you copy the file from USB to windows in this case.

If your computer is connected to the internet, you should install Driver for your computer. In case there is no internet connection, please follow the instructions below:

Video instruction to copy files from USB to windows

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Instructions to copy files from USB to windows

To follow this tutorial, you need it 1 USB boot you've just installed your Windows, in case you tried to format or delete the file in this USB, you can create this USB boot again on any computer.

In this article, there are many ideas that I have not tried to describe properly, so if you encounter any difficulties, please watch the video above or post a comment to support me.

First, plug in that USB Boot another computer (this computer has an internet connection and can accept USB). Then you create directory names BTH and copy the software you want to copy into your new Windows installation into this folder.

Next, you unplug the USB and plug into the new computer to install win, and then again Boot into USB Boot to win install interface:

Here, you press the key combination Shift + F10 (or Fn + Shift + F10) to open the window cmd. Then you type the word notepad and press Enter

Notepad software is opened, click File => Save

The save file window appears, at section Save as type you choose All Files:

Then you click on Computer (or This PC) to see a list of drives on your computer, where you can easily identify your USB name in the bottom of the window (your USB name is GSP1RMCHPFRER_EN_DVD). Please open your USB drive:

In USB, you will see a list of folders in it. You Right click into the directory BTH and choose Copy, then click on Computer on the left bar to see the drive list;

Here you open the drive you want to save the folder BTH The software you want to copy onto the computer. Here the drive letter C, D, E, F, .. will not be the drive letter of your computer when you open Windows. You can only identify drives by See disk space or dI list files / folders is on the drive. My computer has only 1 C drive with close capacity 60 GB so I easily identify drive D here as drive C when I use Windows. You can choose any drive as long as there is enough free space to save the BTH folder:

Open the selected drive and right click, select Paste:

Wait a moment you will see the folder BTH show on this drive. Depending on the size of the files in the BTH folder, the paste time will be fast or slow:

So you have successfully copied the file from USB to the computer, please turn off all windows and remove the USB stick, then boot into Windows you will see the folder BTH in the drive you choose to save:

If there are any problems, please post a comment for your support ^^

Nguyen Chien Thang

I look forward to receiving your inquiries, comments and suggestions. This will help me write a much better article. If you have done it successfully, please answer everyone's questions below the comments with me ^^

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