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How to display Facebook reviews on WordPress website


How to display Facebook reviews on WordPress websiteOnline reviews are the most powerful signal of reliability for your business or service. That is true for both online businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses. In fact, survey surveys from local consumers show that 86% of consumers read local business reviews and a whopping 91% among 18-34 year olds who trust a lot online. as personal recommendations.

If you've taken the time and effort to get your business review on Facebook, you'll be happy to know that you have the ability to display that review on your WordPress website. Here, show you how to incorporate your Facebook review feed into WordPress with a few easy steps using the WP Facebook Review Slider plugin.

Share Facebook reviews in WordPress

The first thing to do is to login to your WordPress admin section and navigate to: Plugin> Add New.

At the search, enter WP Facebook Review Slider. Once you have found the plugin, click the install button now.


At the left navigation list in your WordPress admin section, click WP Facebook Review Slider.

Click the button to get access code here.


A popup window will open with the Facebook login button. Click on it and then log into the Facebook account connected to your business Facebook page.


Once you're connected to your Facebook account, the new page will open.

Copy the access code (you will paste the code into the plugin configuration when we return to the WordPress admin section on your side).

Enter the URL of your WordPress website. Note, when you are using the plugin to display Facebook page reviews on specific posts or on specific pages on the website, you must enter that particular post or page URL.


Scroll to the bottom of the configuration page and select the Facebook page that includes the rating you want to display on your WordPress website. All pages related to your Facebook account will be listed as options here.

Click the Save button.


Close the configuration window and then return to your WordPress admin area.

At the left navigation list at your WordPress admin section, click on the WP Facebook Review link.

Paste the access code that you copied in the previous step into the secret access code box (A) and then click the save settings (B) button.


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Create a template to display Facebook reviews in WordPress

The next step is to create a template that will display your Facebook review on your website.

Click the link (or tab) on the WP Facebook Review form.

Click the button to add a new review.


There are a lot of settings to control the appearance of the plugin, but for the purposes of this article, we use two basic settings, the first is the title template (A), which is whatever you want. (it will not display on your website).

Next is to select the model type (B). For this article, we are inserting the plugin into the sidebar or footer on the WordPress website, so select the widget area. If you are going to use the plugin on a specific post or page on your website (as mentioned earlier), you will choose the post or page, although not mentioning that configuration here.

Scroll down and then click the Save Template button.


Now to add a plugin to the sidebar or footer, go to the interface> gadgets and then drag the widget to the footer or sidebar list.


Open the WP Review Widget box in the Footer or Sidebar list.

Enter the widget title (A) (this will appear on your website above the Facebook rating) and from the drop-down list, select the review template, select the review form you created earlier ( B).

Click the Save button.



At the left navigation list at your WordPress admin section, click on WP Facebook Review.

Click the button to receive a review.

When you view your website right now, your Facebook page rating will show up in the footer or sidebar, depending on where you place the gadget.

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