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How to display related posts in WordPress with the plugin


How to display related posts in WordPressAre you looking for ways to display related posts at WordPress? Related posts make it easy for visitors to find the content they like. Visitors find what they are looking for faster than leaving your website, reducing bounce rates.

In general, having a lot of content that your visitors are interested in with just a click is a good design. Related posts are best added to the website once you've built and diversified your content group.

Today, I will show you how to display related posts at WordPress using two different plugins.

Why display related posts in WordPress?

Why do you need to show related posts on the same page when you can easily access all your content?

In most cases, you will try to spread your content across different categories. While this is theoretically significant, your visitors may actually be interested in only one type of content, in fact.

When they get what they need or want, they disappear. Therefore, displaying relevant content has a higher chance to keep visitors on your website longer.

Why is this happening? Surely if they like some content from me, they will like all the content, right?

In fact, most travelers are in a hurry to find what they are looking for. This is due to an increase from smartphones. Half of the website traffic coming from mobile devices is finding a quick fix.

That's why websites need to be mobile friendly.

How to display related posts in WordPress


I will mention two plugins, the Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) Plugin and the Same Category Posts. These are both great plugins but there are a few key differences.

If you are looking for more powerful options, YARPP is the plugin for you. It is completely customizable, using a flexible, growing algorithm to display related posts. It is a better option for larger websites because the algorithm becomes more accurate as the content group grows.

However, if your website does not have much content to choose from, the same article is the best option for you. It will simply display the post of the same category, usually exactly what the visitor is looking for.

Get started with YARPP.

Plugin 1: Install YARPP

Get started by clicking on Plugin and then selecting the New Add option on the left admin panel


Search for Yet Another Related Posts Posts in the search box. That comes with useful plugins


Scroll down until you see the related Yet Another Related Posts plugin, then click the install button now activate, use


On the left admin panel, click on settings and then select the YARPP option. This will pull up the main settings page.


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Set up YARPP

Have said earlier, YARPP advanced advertising algorithm? Set up YARPP to include what algorithm needs what, should not be considered when making choices. Each website has a different amount of content, you will need to choose the content to choose.

Deciding which content to choose is really simple. At “The Pool”, select the category, card you want to select the content and the recent level next to them. You do not have to select all content on your side, but you can choose if it is more suitable for your website.


Once you've selected your content group, you need the plugin to know what to consider when deciding on relevant content. The first thing you have to decide is the Match Threshold. This is the number that the plugin uses to determine its severity.

The higher the number, the more stringent the plugin will be to ensure the content is closely related. The lower it is, the less strict it will be and you will start to see irrelevant content, as long as something appears. The decision is different for each website, I will check to see if each one is best suited for you.

Finally, you need the plugin to consider whether or not to consider it when making a decision. For example, you can only select a category and any content in that category is displayed as a related post. Choose the one that works best with you.


The third part contains options displayed on your side. Again, choose what works best for you, but remember that the plugin also adds the utility you can use.


When finished setting up the plugin, click the Save Change button.


You have successfully set up the YARPP plugin.

Note: When you see an article unrelated to the message, you need to adjust your settings. The possibility of your Match Threshold number is too high.

Plugin 2: Use Same Category Posts

First of all, you will need to install and activate the plugin. When done, click on the interface and select the Widgets option.


This plugin has no installation page. On the other hand, it simply adds new widgets to your website. Widgets handle everything, making this very easy to set up.

Locate the Same Category Posts widget and add it to your sidebar area.


The widget consists of four optional parts. The first is the title. Here you are creating titles to related content on your side. Something like you also likes other things.

The next part is Filter. Here, you can choose what the widget displays. You can select a post if it belongs to the same category, tag, or format and then choose to exclude parts. You also choose how to organize related content.

The third option lets you display thumbnails on the post. As this will be on your sidebar, I recommend you uncheck this box. Thumbnails take up too much space, but the choice is yours.

Finally, the details of the article. Here you just need to select a few additional article details to share. These include excerpts, comments, dates, and authors. Again, you don't want to choose anything here to save.

When you're done, click the Save button.


Widget will only be displayed on post content. This means you don't need to worry about appearing on your homepage or landing page.

Access any article to see related article widget at action.


Congratulations on setting up the Same Category Posts plugin.

Keep content with you easily accessible

The biggest mistake in the house Create website just make it too complicated to find the content. While the two- or three-click system to find content sounds good, it is too much work for a normal visitor. Most people will withdraw their mobile device and then search Google quickly for content.

If your website is lucky enough to appear, you will discover that many visitors will leave the page if they do not see what they are looking for. Making sure your website displays content effectively and is easy to find is essential to keeping visitors on your side.

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