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How to download and register Chinese TikTok on iOS / Android - Knowledge sharing blog

Note: Please read the article carefully before proceeding! If in the process of using you encounter any errors, such as broken download links, slow loading blog, or not being able to access a certain page on the blog … then please inform me through the Contact page. Thanks!

Hello all of you, as you all know, TikTok is a very hot video sharing social network for young people in Vietnam, as well as young people in the world today.

TikTok application is derived from mainland China, the Chinese name of this application is 抖 音 短 视频 (Navigating) by the author Truong Nhat Minh developed in September 2016. And up to now, this app is 4 years old!

You may not know that the version of TikTok you are using is the International version, for countries outside the Chinese market. In mainland China, they are using the version named Douyin (Chinese name is 抖 音).

So today I will guide you how to download and log in to the social network Douyin on Android and iOS operating systems as easily as possible, sure, there will be a lot of interesting entertainment videos coming. from China !!

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#first. How to download Chinese TikTok on Android

+ Step 1: You access any web browser on your phone.

If your device does not have a web browser, you can go to Google Play to download web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, etc. Personally, I use the Google Chrome browser.

Dang-ky-tiktok-china-international-ios-android (1)

+ Step 2: Then, you access this address: => Click the blue text as shown below to download.

Or You can install it via the direct link to the Store as follows – Link Download Chinese TikTok: For Android

Particularly for phones Xiaomi then you can download it here !

Dang-ky-tiktok-china-international-ios-android (1)

// Remember to activate the feature WITHOUT ORIGINAL SOURCE When the notification is blocked installation offline.

As I said above, the original version of the TikTok app is Douyin, so there are many good videos and more features than the Vietnamese TikTok version and other countries ..

Dang-ky-tiktok-central-China-on-ios-android (3)

+ Step 3: Come in and enjoy it !!

Even if you do not have an account, you can still watch the videos as usual. However, if you register an account to use, you will have more benefits and use more features.

#2. How to login to TikTok China?

Yes, if you want to log in to find or upload videos, upload videos to Tiktok, then follow these steps:

+ Step 1: Click on the last line (at the bottom right of the screen) – the line I circled.

Dang-ky-tiktok-china-international-ios-android (2)

+ Step 2: Enter your Phone Number here.

Dang-ky-tiktok-central-China-on-ios-android (4)

Note: If your phone has an area code of +86 or any other code then you have to change your area code to Vietnam. +84 => then enter phone number (no need to enter numbers) 0 Where to surrender?)

After registering, it will force you to verify by selecting the same pictures. You just need to find the 2 most similar photos. Like the captcha code, guys 😀

Dang-ky-tiktok-central-China-on-ios-android (5)

After finding 2 similar pictures, it will send a verification code => you just need to copy that code and write it in the box below the phone number to confirm.

Dang-ky-tiktok-central-China-on-ios-android (3)

After entering the code, then you tick the dot to agree to the terms of use is OK. You can start using it already.

# 3. Instructions for downloading Chinese TikTok on iOS

On iOS operating system, you just need to roam to China => and search with App name Douyin In App Store, you can download and use it.

If you are not sure how to do this, you can see the following detailed instructions:

+ Step 1: Please come in App Store => and select the image icon Avatar on the right corner of the screen.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (1)

+ Step 2: Click on your App Store account box and enter your password if required to verify this is your device.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (2)

+ Step 3: Select the item Quốc gia/Vùng to change regions.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-android-ios (3)

Keep clicking the button Thay Đổi Quốc Gia hoặc Vùng.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (4)

+ Step 4: Select the region the country is Trung Quốc đại lục..

Tai-Tiktok-China-China-ios (1)

+ Step 5: Press Đồng ý with Terms and Conditions.

tai-tiktok-central-China-on-ios (2)

In the next step, click

tai-tiktok-central-China-on-ios (3)

+ Step 6: Then you enter the information into => and press Tiếp theo.

The name of China province, you can search online a lot, for example: 安徽 (An Huy), 福建 (Fujian), 甘肃 (Gansu), 广东 (Guangdong), 河南 (Ha Nam) ….

Tai-Tiktok-China-China-ios (4)

+ Step 7: Now you can search with the name Douyin or 抖 音 and proceed to download the App.

Alternatively, you can download the App via direct link here, don't need to find!

Tai-Tiktok-China-China-ios (5)

Okay, after downloading and installing, remember to roam back to Vietnam to be able to download familiar applications on the App Store Vietnam.

# 4. Epilogue

So I just gave very detailed instructions for you How to download Chinese TikTok on iOS and Android phones Alright then.

With just a few simple steps, we have a Douyin account for ourselves, right? Hope this article will be helpful to you. See you in the next posts!

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