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How to download International PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android - Knowledge sharing blog

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Detailed instructions on how to download PUBG Mobile international version when blocked in Vietnam on iOS and Android operating systems.

Welcome to my article, today I will show you how to download PUBG Mobile International version in Vietnam. If you do not know, you can refer to this detailed article of me here, guaranteed to install 100% 🙂

As you know, after the VNG publisher in Vietnam officially became an official distributor, the international version of PUBG Mobile has been blocked in Vietnam, and you cannot download anymore.


Besides, many players who are playing have responded that PUBG Mobile domestic version is experiencing many unpleasant problems such as: Server error, Vietnam standardization, …

Moreover, the rate of returning skins to the skins seems to be rarer than the International version. It can be said that it is much lower than the PUBG Mobile Global version (international version), so many brothers want to return to the Global version to play.

So today I will guide you in detail How to download PUBG Mobile international version on iOS and Android operating systems to fight offline.

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#first. Download PUBG Mobile International version on iOS

Like other blocked games, for devices running the iOS operating system, you should roam from Vietnam to another country that supports download.

+ Step 1: First, you perform roaming phone to Australia, how to do details, you can see the details below.


+ Step 1: Please come in App Store => and select the image icon Avatar on the right corner of the screen.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (1)

+ Step 2: Click on your App Store account box and enter your password if required to verify this is your device.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (2)

+ Step 3: Select the item Quốc gia/Vùng to change regions. Since the game has been blocked in Vietnam, we have to do this step only.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-android-ios (3)

Keep clicking the button Thay Đổi Quốc Gia hoặc Vùng.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (4)

+ Step 4: Select the region the country is Úc...

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (5)

=> and Đồng ý all conditions of the Apple Media service.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (6)

+ Step 5: Complete the following information:

  • The payment method you choose is None
  • First Name: You enter your first name.
  • Last Name: Enter your Last Name.
  • Street then enter the Street name.
  • Postcode fill in with me 2600
  • City / Suburb Enter the city name.
  • State choose South Australia
  • Phone Number Enter your phone number.

=> After completing you press Xong.

download-clash-of-clan-android-and-ios (7)

Alternatively, you can select Transfer to other countries. For example, if you are USA, choose United States (United State)

  • Payment methods: You choose is None.
  • Your Name: You got your first name.
  • Payment address, you can enter the following:
    • Street: Landline
    • Street: Landline
    • City: Newyork
    • State: NY- Newyork
    • Zip: 10001
    • Phone: 315-775-3424
      (If you do not enter this number, try the following numbers: 646-785-3111, 718-549-9775, 315, 483-5940, 347-497-8178)

+ Step 2: Now, search for games with keywords pubg mobile => then download to fight only. Downloading and installing the game is no different than installing a regular App, so I won't say more details.

#2. Download PUBG Mobile International version on Android

+ Method 1: Download PUBG Mobile International in Android, it is much easier than iOS, you just need to access this address:

=> Then then press download APK file is done.

Or you can download it according to This direct link !

Note: If required during the installation process Installing applications from unknown sources => please click Confirm to complete the installation.

+ Method 2: In addition to the above, if you want to download the game directly on Google Play, you can perform Fake IP on your phone to be able to download PUBG Mobile International. Also very simple and effective.

# 3. Epilogue

So I have to guide you all about disability How to download PUBG Mobile International version on iOS and Android That's it, what are you waiting for without downloading to experience it 😛

Don't forget to leave a comment below the comment section below if you have any questions! Thank you for reading my article. See you in the next posts!

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