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How to fix WordPress RSS feeds not working in Chrome

How to fix WordPress RSS feeds not working in ChromeCountless systems, users rely on RSS feeds from WordPress. Provide information that helps users notify other platforms when new content is available. But what happens to RSS feeds that don't work in Chrome?

After all, Google Chrome holds more than 60% of the worldwide browser market share.

For many people, the problem is that Chrome displays XML encoding elements from the feed. This makes RSS look like a mess and extremely difficult to read.

Today, I'll show you three ways that you and your visitors troubleshoot RSS feeds that don't work in Chrome.

Use RSS Subscription Extensio


Perhaps the easiest way to fix RSS feeds that don't work in Chrome is to install RSS Subscription Extensio. This Chrome extension will display when WordPress RSS feeds are available when you visit the website.

It also comes with several feed readers as it gives you the option to add more web-based applications.

When installing RSS Subscription Extensio, it will clean up the XML markup and will give you the option to subscribe to your preferred reader.

This RSS Subscription Extensio was developed by Google to address the issue of RSS Chrome Chrome feeds not working properly.

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Use Feedburner


FeedBurner is a Google-based service that helps visitors subscribe to feeds regardless of browser type. If you discover too many people having trouble on your WordPress website, don't use it to distribute content.

When creating your account, you add an RSS link to FeedBurner on the website. This gives guests the option to subscribe to feeds and still use Google Chrome.

The downside of using Feedburner is that sometimes you will encounter problems when updating RSS feeds. This is mainly due to the fact that Google hasn't spent much time upgrading its systems over the years.

However, you can fix the Feedburner update problem yourself by making some adjustments to the website cache or by using PingSHot at the reader itself.

Use Netvibes


Netvibes is a vast platform that gives you the option to crawl content from the web. In this case, you use it to add RSS feeds. By adding website URLs, Netvibes will pull the feed and display it in the dashboard.


The system will scan the URL for all feeds and then provide you with a list. Once you have selected the feed, you will see it in the Netvibes dashboard.

The nice feature from Netvibes is that it detects RSS feeds of separate WordPress directories and then list them individually. This way, you get to choose the specific feed you want to see at the dashboard.

RSS feed address does not work in Chrome

Some of these fixes require individuals to make changes to RSS accessibility from themselves. Perhaps it is not a bad idea to let subscribers know how to read the feed. Make it easy, keep the audience engaged.

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