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How to let users report spelling and grammar errors to you

How to let users report spelling and grammar errors to youWhen publishing your own content, you are the writer, the editor, you are responsible for all spelling and grammar mistakes on your side. A great way to fix this problem is to have WordPress users send spelling notices sent to you.

Producing your own WordPress content has become so easy that even beginners receive posts within hours.

By the way, I will show you how to let WordPress users notice spelling. In other words, consider how easy it is to get WordPress notifications sent to you from users on your side when they see an error in your content.

Are minor errors really important?

The short answer is! Have you ever gone to any other website and read something you thought was good, but got spelling and grammatical errors in the article? Even the smallest people hurt.

To be honest, you don't look at content the same way you see these errors. Perhaps English is not your first language? The article tries to spell or display something in another language.

Obviously, as the author, you don't always have to grasp all of your mistakes. When you are the only one looking at the content you have written, everything will be chaotic. It's easy to miss something, even something small like misspelled words or small grammatical errors like missing commas, etc.

Other things like misspellings, broken links, inaccurate statistics or events because they have changed over time, will really hinder WordPress posts. What is considered content is being viewed differently. There are many common WordPress errors that have been in content for years because when it was published, you would not pay more attention to it.

In any case, letting WordPress post spelling notices from your website's users is a great way to fix any potentially wrong content. There are other ways to check spelling and grammar on your side, but this puts power in the hands of the user.

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Allow spelling of WordPress users

There are several ways to accomplish this, contact form, email, etc. However, focus on a simpler, faster way for users to send you WordPress notifications when they see an error in your content.

First you will want to find, install, activate the Mistape plugin.


Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can go to Settings and then Mistape then look carefully at the configuration page on the plugin. This is where you will set up the entire content for your website users to send you spelling WordPress posts.


When on the plugin configuration page, you see several options. You will also notice that this plugin is lightweight, attached to the entire website instantly via post type, on-line, or added to certain website content using only a short list of codes.

Take a look at some of the available Mistape side settings. The Configuration tab allows you to set the email recipient (you are the administrator or anyone else) and then you are set the post type, shortcode.


Put them up and scroll down a bit more, and you'll find the comment formatting area along with the icon display settings. This lets you set captions on your side or set defaults in place. Set the icon you want to be displayed as well.


Finally, when trying to put everything together, Mistape provides a simple color palette that you are allowed to combine the main color on the website. Set that mode, conversation mode, and you're now set up for WordPress users to spell a spelling notification to anyone reading your content.


What does it look like on the Front End?

Usually, you download and install the plugin, only to find it is not so great on your website. Please be assured that the Mistape plugin is not only beautiful on your website, but also helps you prevail when it comes to website content because it lets WordPress send spelling notices to you from those who are reading the content.


What other techniques have you used in the past to ensure you will receive WordPress push notifications regarding your content? Did you find easier ways to do this?

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