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How to remove widget titles from display in WordPress

How to remove widget titles from display in WordPressWidgets at WordPress are capable of providing a lot of information, attracting visitors. However, not everyone wants the tool title to appear on the website.

That's why many developers want to remove widget titles from WordPress.

In this article, we will show you a few ways to delete Widget titles

Leave the Widget blank

Perhaps the simplest method to hide WordPress Widget titles is to not use plugins. Almost every widget has the option to label the tool with front end users. Just leaving it blank will remove the title from being displayed.


For the most part, this works with any extension you will install.

The only downside is that it also makes it difficult for you to find specific items on the website. This is true if you use custom widgets, text or custom HTML widgets.

Without the title, you will also see the blank element when viewed from the back of the website. In other words, no title makes it difficult to find certain items.


Now if you don't have much of this on your website to get started, this is not a big deal.

But what if you have a specific custom HTML utility set up for YouTube integration, AdSense placement, and a few other custom tools?

In this case, it is easier to hide the widget title using a plugin like Widget Options.

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How to use Plugin Widget Options

This is a powerful plugin that gives you many tools to customize all the sidebar tools you have. It supports other additional series such as Element Page Creator, Beaver Creator and Advanced Custom Field.

Install and activate the plugin.


Access Settings and then click Widget Options.


You will own a series of features with custom utilities on your website. In this tutorial, focus on the option to hide the title.

However you want to take a few minutes to look through what you are doing.

If at any time in the future you want to hide the title but keep the rest of this plugin, click the Disable button. But today, we will let it be activated.


Change widget options

Now that we have the plugin installed, let's see what it does.

Included with all utilities from the website is a new feature. Here, you will find a lot of tools to tweak the widget display.


Let us break down a few basic things from each tab:

You choose to hide or show widgets on specific posts, pages, categories, or tabs.

On the device tab, you can hide or show the widget on desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Alignment options let you control the utility position in the sidebar.

For example, you can set it to: default, center, left, right or justify.

This is where you click the checkbox to hide the widget title on the front of the website. However, the title will still display at the WordPress admin screen.


Click the Save button.


The list of WordPress gadgets behind will have their titles when they remove them from the UI website.

Keep the Sidebar clean

Widgets can do wonders with enhanced website layout. Just make sure you don't go too far with them. Some tools slow down website performance or make it appear too cluttered.

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