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How to resolve errors in custom menus in WordPress


How to resolve errors in custom menus in WordPressDid you encounter custom menu limit error at WordPress? While this is not really an error, most people consider it to be an error. This is really just a notification to let you know that you have reached your limit, you cannot save anything beyond that limit. Not wrong with your website, so don't worry.

Instead, this is actually a problem encountered by the settings that your web server uses. The settings you choose on your website won't matter if your web server has other settings. The solution is very simple, find the PHP.ini file and then change the limit. In this article, we will explain how to resolve the error of custom menu item limit error in WordPress.

What caused the error to limit the custom menu items

So what causes this problem? The default menu item limit, for most web servers, is about 1000 entries. No matter how many menu items you add, you cannot exceed the input limit set in the PHP.ini file.

While custom menu items are extremely popular at WordPress, there are huge custom menus, with over 100 items, not. As said, it still happens, businesses have a need. For example, you run a clothing business. There are hundreds of different designer names that you use as menu items, needing to do so.

The important thing to remember is to avoid making the page look too distracting. While it is normal to want to lead your visitors to every article or product, it doesn't work. Pages with lots of menu items tend to have too much information on the visitor. Although this depends heavily on the nature of your website, large menus are often inefficient.

How to resolve errors in custom menu

Today, I will show you how to work around the custom menu item limit error at WordPress. This problem is really easy to fix. You just need to locate the PHP.ini file and then change the input limit. However, if you are on a shared host, you will probably need to contact your web server to make the necessary changes. If they are not useful, it may be time to switch web hosts.

Since you will be editing the file on the backend of the website, you should create a backup on the website. This will ensure that if an error occurs, you are reverted before the occurrence.

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Locate the PHP.ini file

Locate the PHP.ini file slightly differently depending on your web server. It should be located in the wp-admin file, but if not, you should create your own file there. Because this file dictates how much memory you have with your website, the web server normally does not let customers change it. If this is the case, you will need to contact your web server to assist you.

Get started by logging into cPanel and then clicking on File Manager. The file manager will give you access to all files related to your website.


Click the public_html directory, then click the wp-admin directory. Search for the PHP.ini file directory. If it's not there, create a new file called PHP.ini.


Once in the file, you need to find the line that controls the number of available inputs. If you created your own, just copy and paste the following line: = 5000

If the file is already set, increase the number to 1000. It is very likely that it will be 1000 or 2000. Remember that your web server has this feature turned off from the client. If nothing changes, you need to contact them to help solve the problem.

Click the Save button when you're done.


Congratulations, this will resolve the custom menu item limit error if you have access to change this code. The reason why web hosting won't let you do this is because it overloads the server with them. You are paying to use a server, usually a better package is available, so you need to pay more to increase the limit.


Whenever you are dealing with memory issues on website On your side, looking at your web hosting plan will be your first step. Your side web server will clearly outline how the memory allocation is on your side, you need to make sure they are respecting it. The web host has many technicians to help you solve common problems, if not, consider switching.

How many custom menu items do you use? Did you contact your web server for assistance?

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