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How to track the social network statistics of each post


How to track the social network statistics of each postAre you looking for ways to track social media stats on certain posts? Social media is essential to website development, but it's also important to understand what is driving that growth.

Usually, you just say that your social media profile is increasing in value overall.

However, with the help of the plugin, you can keep track of social statistics on posts easily. Here, we will show you how to track social media statistics on posts using the Social Engage plugin.

Why should you track social statistics on posts?

Integrating social media at WordPress is the first thing a new website needs to do. Although you are likely to know whether your followers are increasing or not, it's hard to see what's most effective.

For that reason, it is important to monitor each social indicator side by post.

For example, suppose you overnight reached 10,000 followers on Twitter. That's a big step and you want to try to keep getting those results. However, if you want to understand which post makes it, at least you can't afford no analytics.

That's where the social statistics tracking plugin works. It will help you organize your posts individually. That way you will see how each person performs on multiple social media platforms.

This will help you create more of the content your community cares about.

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Install the Social Engage Plugin

This plugin lets you see how well your posts are performing. It lets you see 4 different social statistics including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.

To get started, click on plugins and then select the Add New option in the left panel.


Search for Social Engage. This entails a useful plugin.


Scroll down until you see the Social Engage plugin, click install and then activate to use.


On the left admin panel, click on the SocialEngage option. This will pull up the displayed page.


Unlike other plugins, this one doesn't need you to set it up. The plugin will let you know how many shares your posts share with you from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and total.


Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Social Engage Plugin

Second choice

Social Engage is not the only plugin you use to find this information. In addition, you can use the Social Media Stats plugin. This is another plugin that will show you personal social media statistics on every post you have.

This plugin includes statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon.

Repeat the previous steps and then install the Social Media Stats plugin.

Click on Social Media Stats, select the control panel options.


Now you can see all social statistics on the social media platforms that the plugin supports. You choose to display 10 or 25 posts at the same time at the top of the page.

Unlike other plugins, this one has a settings page but there is only one option available. You are enabled for automatic updates.

By default, the option is off. However, if you plan to check every day regularly, activating automatic updates is a good idea.


Social media channels will not change much in the near future. Billions of views this channel provides to an advertising or interactive website offer a higher chance of success.

However, it's hard to keep track of which platform is better than which platform. However, the above plugin will help you with that.

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