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How to unlock a WordPress account with Login LockDown

How to unlock a WordPress account with Login LockDownAre you looking to unlock a WordPress account with Login LockDown? The first thing every website considers is security. The most common way hackers will gain access to a website is through continuous attack. Simply put, a continuous attack is when a hacker tries to guess an account password in a systematic manner.

While there are many ways to prevent ongoing attacks, the most common way is to limit login attempts with the plugin. The most popular plugin is the Login LockDown plugin. Unfortunately, many visitors will forget their password and keep trying, which will cause the account to be locked out. Here, I will show you how to unlock a WordPress account with Login LockDown.

Account security is really important

Be sure to protect any accounts created on your website.

When you create your account at the website, you will usually need to provide your email address and password. Sadly, people still use the same information on many websites. If a hacker accesses an account on the website, they will take that account and then try to use the same login information to gain access to the website and other services.

As you imagine this is like the domino effect. Although you argue that visitors should not do this, you do not want your website to be the first site to be compromised. Protecting your account by limiting login attempts and any other security measures is necessary.

How to unlock a WordPress account with Login LockDown

Today's article will show you how to unlock a WordPress account with Login LockDown. Since you're looking to unlock your account, it means it's safe to have a plugin that will limit your login attempts at WordPress. It is important to mention that the method will vary depending on the plugin, but most plugins have an integrated unlocking system.

Login LockDown will lock the account if the three attempts are incorrect. This will last 1 hour but is extremely inconvenient for real users or employees when they are in a hurry. To fix this, you have two options. The first is for the administrator account to free the locked account from the plugin. The second is to add a few lines of code to MySQL on the website backend.

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Method 1: Release an account manually

This is the integrated method at Login LockDown. The name and location will be different at other plugins, but they often have a built-in way to free the locked account.

In the admin panel on the left, click on settings and select the Login LockDown option. This action pulls up the main settings page.


Click on the Activity Tab. The number in parentheses indicates the account number that has been locked.


You will see a list of locked accounts or you will not see anything without a locked account. Just select the account IP address you want to unlock. Click the publish button.


This is an easier method, but if you cannot do this for some reason, such as having your account locked and needing to unlock your account, you also use MySQL. Remember that you will need access to cPanel to use the next method.

Method 2: MySQL

MySQL is located on the cPanel website. The cPanel login information is brought to you by the web server. This is not difficult to do, but remember that you will still need the IP address of the account in question.

Because it is easy to enter the wrong information when entering the code, create a backup of the website. This will ensure that if an error occurs, you can use the backup to revert the website before it is done.

Log in to cPanel and then click the phpMyAdmin option.


Click on the SQL tab.


Now all you need to do is add the code to the text box. The following code snippet is a rough outline of what you are using:

An example of a date would be 2020-03-15, ie March 15, 2020. The date should be the current date. Time should be the current time or 1 minute in advance. Time must be entered in 24-hour clock format. So 6:00 PM EST will be 18:00:00. You must also insert the correct IP address.

Click the Go button to apply the code.


The account will no longer be locked.

Keep your website secure

Security is always a top concern with the website. There is always something to improve on security. Of course, you need to make sure that when the website is secure, it's also convenient. The best way to prevent bots from logging in or creating an account is to put CAPTCHA into WordPress. However, this will be extremely annoying to regular users, so it's important to listen to feedback.

How long does it take you to unlock your account? Which method did you choose?

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