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How to view main comments in WordPress moderation screen

How to view main comments in WordPress moderation screenModerating interactive comments with visitors helps to create an engaging atmosphere on the website. However, the comment section is sometimes a bit messy. For example, what if you want to see comments at the WordPress moderation screen?

By default, WordPress does not display key comments at moderation screens. All you will see is the response message.

With this article, you'll show you an easy way to display key comments at the WordPress moderation screen.

Use the Show Parent Comments plugin

Here, we will use the Show Parent Comments plugin. This is an old tool, but we have verified it works with WordPress 5.0.3. It is a simple add-on that requires no adjustment or control installation.

Install and activate the plugin


Upon activation, this plugin adds new features to the comment section. There is nothing to change nor any settings regarding its ability to own.

Click the online comment option from the admin toolbar on the left.


At moderation screen, see main comment. By doing this, you determine whether the feedback is relevant to the topic.


These comments are a lighter gray than the rest of the article to help you identify them more easily.

But what if the comment is much larger than the viewing space? For longer comments, this plugin adds functionality that will expand the comment so you can see the entire message.

Click the option Show more on the message. This feature will only display if the message is larger than the default viewing space at WordPress Reviews.


You will see the entire extended version from the message.


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Does this work with other comment plugins?

This plugin works with many commenting plugins with WordPress. For example, we found it works perfectly with wpDiscuz.

Of course, this depends on the comment system itself.

Does this plugin do anything for spam?

Unfortunately, the Show Show Parent Comments Plugin does not provide spam protection. However, WordPress is full of great tools to help spam your website for free.

Many of them don't cost a penny to help reduce message clutter.

Manage your comments

The ability to view key comments at the WordPress moderation screen only helps streamline your workflow. It gives you insight about the original article as well as only you know if the comment is relevant to the article.

Keep the comments clean, ensuring visitors have a spam-free experience. It has the potential to affect your website reputation and the way new visitors view content from you.

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