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Instruction of 6 Internal Link strategies to achieve a higher TOP

Have you ever seen your internal link like a tangled wire and customers take 5-10 clicks to get to your important page. Internal linking not only affects user experience but it also affects the ranking of your website. Internal linking is one of the important SEO factors and you can control it, of course, it will not need too many techniques to optimize it.

Now we will explore 6 together Internal Link strategy (internal links) have been practiced a lot by SEODO, bringing effectiveness to many large and small projects.

Internal linking and importance

Internal links are links between pages in the same website. Example page There is a link to the page That's called internal linking

Internal links appear inside posts, pages, menu items, headers, footers and side bars. Internal links will help the website to form a hierarchical structure of a website. The most common structure is an internal link that flows from the home page to index pages and then to posts and vice versa.

Internal Link strategy

In today's article, SEODO will focus on talking about non-navigable internal links, i.e. internal links in article content. Links in such content have the following purposes:

  • Provide additional useful information related to the current content. A link from an article about women's dresses to articles about women's pants will provide relevance, giving users more choices.
  • Promote products and services from articles that are relevant to the target audience. For example, if I have an article to advise on choosing a shirt for girls, I will immediately have internal links on the landing page for selling women's shirts to redirect users from that article to the page on buying and selling women's dresses.
  • Improve keyword rankings.
  • Help search engines crawl the web faster.

Internal linking greatly affects your website. On the one hand, it affects the number of users on the website (including time spent on the page, views per session, …), on the other hand it helps Google to recognize our website better, will help the website to achieve rank high on Google and bring lots of unpaid traffic. To follow the instructions of SEODO below, prepare some necessary tools:

What internal links are required

Before SEODO introduced these internalink strategy Then make sure your website has satisfied the following. If not, start fixing internal links by following the instructions below.

  1. Website structure “Nong”

Currently users are very strict with actions that take a lot of time, including website speed and time to find the right page. Try to put important pages to the most visible and clickable user position.

Website business on SEO services, Google advertising services, so we put these two services on the menu bar for users to easily see.

It takes a long time, through many pages before reaching the important page will lead to the loss of a lot of customers, many users will leave the site because of time consuming. Therefore, reduce the number of clicks to access important pages.

To test the depth of the website, use Website Auditor tool. This tool will show you how many clicks it takes to reach any url.

After you've created the Project on Website Auditor, go to Site structure> Pages. Then click the click depth column (click depth).

Internal Link strategy

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2. Important pages get links

Today, Google relies heavily on website maps and internal link structure to explore websites. This shows that if a website does not have a link to it will be harder for Google to identify. So you should increase internal links to those pages.

To check these non-linked sites, you can use Website Auditor. To do this, go to the Pages dashboard and click Rebuild Project.

In STEP 1 of the rebuild section, select Show expert options box. In STEP 2, click Look for orphan pages

Internal Link strategy

After the software has finished scanning the website, you will see the non-linked pages in the Pages dashboard, marked with an Orphan page.

A good website structure is when all important pages receive links and users only take 3 clicks to reach the deepest pages.

Internal Link strategy

An example of a bad topology is when there is a linkless page and inconsistent links with each other

Internal Link strategy

Pro tip: You can view the overall structure of your website with just one click at Website Auditor. In your project, Select Site Structure> Visualization, you will see your non-linked pages, see your website structure so that you can offer link navigation options.

Internal Link strategy

3. Keep the number of links between pages reasonable

If the number of links to one page is too much, while others are too little or no, Google will consider its website to behave unnaturally.

If you are in the above situation, reduce the number of links to that page and add links to other pages. You can use Website Auditor to detect all pages with too many links.

For a list of pages with too many links, visit the Site Audit dashboard in the project and click on the page with too many links.

Internal Link strategy

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4. Use keyword anchor text

Anchor text has a great effect in helping Google shape the keyword corresponding to the landing page better, thereby increasing the rankings of the keyword itself.

After the Penguin algorithm was born, many people thought that it should not use more keyword anchor texts, it would be very easy to be penalized. However, with internal links, you can use more keyword anchor text without fear of Google penalties, but you also need to use many other types of anchor text to make the website more natural.

To check the website's anchor text, open the Pages dashboard, click on any page. Below, click the link from page to see the link on the page with anchor text.

You can also use another way is to switch to Link to page to see all internal links to your site with anchor text.

Internal Link strategy

5. Use alt for image links

The image's alt attribute works similarly to the internal link's anchor text, so this is a way for your website to send a stronger signal to Google.

To find the image links with alt tags, go to the Site Audit dashboard in Website Auditor software, click Empty alt image for full display.

Internal Link strategy

6. In case of duplicate internal links on the same page

If on the same page, there are many similar internal links, the search engines will give priority to the first anchor text. So, put the important anchor text first.

7. Put multiple links right in the main content

Links placed in the content of the page have higher SEO value than links in the title, footer or sidebar. The following links are links intended for full-page navigation and it appears that Google treats those links as non-editorial links. Moreover, keywords and text around will help Google understand your content better, help your website rank better.

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8. Install navigation links via new tabs

Suppose there are users reading your website content, then they click on internal links to read other related content. Inadvertently they click on the external link which is youtube. So you indirectly made users leave your website.

Conversely, if you set to open a new tab for a link, users will not leave the old page but will return later.

6 internal link strategies

Below I will introduce 6 strategies for you to optimize internal links, you can implement one or more of these strategies, basically these are the strategies I regularly implement to make SEODO customers.

Navigate the link from the page with the most visits to the conversion page.

Currently many companies and businesses create blogs to share knowledge and experience, this provides a lot of useful information for users. However, many companies do not know how to exploit that amount of visitors to bring in sales conversions. So, add more internal links from knowledge sharing articles about conversion pages to drive users to buy.

Step 1: Find pages that have a lot of traffic but low conversions

In this step, we will use Google Analytics. In the Google Analytics software, select Behavior -> Landing page. Sort the url by the number of sessions from large to small.

After having a list of Urls with a high number of sessions, you filter out urls that bring about low conversions (usually articles sharing experience, knowledge, ..)

Internal Link strategy

Step 2. Identify high-converting urls

Usually these are sales pages, like SEODO, pages with high conversions are pages that introduce services:

Step 3. Add links to pages in step 2 from the step 1 pages

These are calls to action, the more they appeal, the easier it will be for users to click.

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Add links from pages with high Page Rank

For websites with too many posts, there will be low Page Rank posts, there will also be high Page Rank posts. Pages with high Page Rank will usually have many high-ranking keywords, while others will have low rankings. To increase rankings for low-ranking pages, you should add internal links from pages with high page rank to pages with low page rank.

Of course we will not know the page rank of each URL, so I will guide you to use other similar indexes. The index I want to talk about is the Inlink Rank index of SEO Power Suite. This Inlink index works similarly to Google's Page rank, which evaluates the quality of a page based on the number and quality of backlinks (internal links and external links).

Step 1: Find high Inlink ranking pages

In your project select Site Structure> Pages, click the heading of Inlink Ranking column to rank the Urls with Inlink Rank high to low. If you do not have an Inlink Ranking column, right-click on any column heading to add it.

You can also use filters to know the Inlink Rank for each Url

Internal Link strategy

Step 2: find pages currently ranked at the top of page 2 Google for the target keyword

Use keyword rankings checking software to track this, here SEODO uses Rank Tracker software.

Go to Target Keywords> Rank Tracking, then click on the filter icon and execute as shown:

Internal Link strategy

Internal Link strategy

Once you have this url list, add internal links from step 1 to the urls in step 2.

Note: use multiple keyword anchor text to increase ranking. Try it now, there will be many keywords rising to the TOP 10 there.

Use internal links to help your main pages rank for high-search keywords.

NOTE: This and the following two internal linking strategies are based on the competition level and search volume of your keywords. The procedure is very similar. That's why I only describe it once.

This case will mention your website is done with keywords with high difficulty. These keywords will often have a general meaning, like “buy men's shoes”, “buy women's shirts”, etc.

In this case, the internal link should focus strongly on the landing page of that keyword, the anchor text should be heavily used as the main keyword anchor and related keywords.

Internal Link strategy

Website Auditor software is my most favorite software when optimizing website structure. First, go to the Pages dashboard and click the button next to the tabs to customize the look. Please add these columns to the interface:

  • Page (Page URL)
  • Title
  • Click depth
  • Links to page
  • Links from page
  • InLink Rank

Internal Link strategy

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Click on the Links To Page section, where you will see if the landing page is the one that gets the most clicks.

You can view any page you need with Website Auditor filter.

For example, the page I want to see the parameter is, I will use the phrase / blog to filter and view the parameters of that page.

Internal Link strategy

Use internal links to help your main pages rank for keywords with average search volume

In the case of keywords with average search volume, these are usually keywords that have a clearer purpose of the user than general keywords as in strategy 3.

For example: buy shoes in Hanoi, buy clothes for 20 year old women, …

Landing pages corresponding to these keywords will have a high priority, only after the homepage and pages mentioned in strategy 3.

Use multiple keyword anchor text, and especially on the home page, give this category page the most visible and clickable position.

The suitable model for this case is:

Internal Link strategy

Use internal links to increase the ranking of keywords with low search volume

If your resources are limited, the advice is to focus on long, low-volume keywords.

These long keywords have characteristics:

  • Few competitors do, reduce the level of competition, easier to TOP
  • High conversion (buying women's clothes in District 1 will have a higher conversion than the keyword of buying female clothes)

These keywords will often correspond to landing pages at the lowest level of the website structure. And these landing pages at the lowest level will need to be linked together by internal links.

Suitable model:

Internal Link strategy

Made naturally

It is surprising that this strategy. SEODO has a lot of case studies on this case. SEODO has a number of projects where SEODO only plans the content, the rest pushes down for the Content team to write and build internal links. So is SEODO not execute any Internal Link strategy Come on, and it is surprising that all of those case studies have high rankings and many keywords, many of which have very high search volume.

In this strategy, I just want to remind people sometimes not to care about SEO techniques, but what people are most interested in is:

  • Write long content
  • Write great content, providing lots of useful information for users
  • Links to pages with relevant content, helping users have more choices.

Above are the views and some Internal Link strategy SEODO has been implementing and bringing about many benefits. If there is a problem with the above, please comment down below.

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Doan Kien / Founder SEODO

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